A fierce fight between André Horta, Vítor Carvalho and Moutinho for the place in the middle alongside the Libyan.

The arrival of João Moutinho in Braga slightly changed the hierarchy of competitiveness in the warriors’ midfield, as until the experienced midfielder positioned himself as an option, Vítor Carvalho and André Horta were sharing the minutes of action relatively equally. The reception to Napoli works as a great test of the breadth of the squad at a strategic level, with the coach being able to think about a system of three midfielders, which has not yet been tested, in terms of initial accounts, in the current season.

For this confrontation, with Artur Jorge already having the team’s design duly interpreted to better accommodate the rival, it is difficult to anticipate Al Musrati’s partner or partners. Only the Libyan is unquestionable, at this point, for being a serene pendulum, capable of effortlessly silencing opposing attacks. The coach’s intentions will be to adopt a safer model of ball management, favoring three midfielders, or reinforcing the preferred dynamic with a mobile attack of four (Djaló, in great form, Ricardo Horta and Bruma) behind Banza or Ruiz, which would be a sign of using only two midfielders. Vítor Carvalho and André Horta didn’t even play minutes in Faro, so they compete in terms of freshness for this clash, while it is difficult to do without Moutinho’s experience.

Niakaté fit to play

It was the biggest doubt that marked the preparation of this duel with Napoli, but it was dispelled. The Malian central defender, who suffered from the national team, missed the game in Faro due to physical problems, but was showing signs that he could be ready for the Minho team’s debut in the Champions League, confirmed with his presence in training without restrictions. It should initially line up, next to Source.

Braga’s probable eleven: Matheus; Victor Gómez, José Gomes, Niakaté and Marín; Al Musrati and Vítor Carvalho; Álvaro Djaló, Ricardo Horta and Bruma; Abel Ruiz.

Braga will host Napoli at 8pm this Wednesday, in a game on the first day of the Champions League group stage.

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