Brasfoot, a game in which the user is the coach of a football team and simulates club management, was one of the biggest successes, and one of the forerunners of this type of franchise in Brazil. Over the years, other titles such as Championship Manager, and the most well-known and acclaimed today, Football Manager, have taken the position of the most popular manager simulation game in the world.

However, the good old Brasfoot remains in the hearts of players in Brazil, and from time to time, internet users who love the game get together to discuss strategies, tactics and saves with stories and more stories of signings and titles.

In the free version of the game, the user had the option of choosing between different options of teams from lower divisions, and going up from Série D to Série A, having the possibility of playing for Libertadores, Copa do Brasil, and even Copa of the world.

With the access of Caxias, Athletic, Ferroviária and Ferroviário to Serie C of the Brazilian Championship, the social networks were full of stories and memories of this game that was part of the childhood, adolescence and even adulthood of most Breton sport lovers in the Brazil.

Brasfoot players remember historical game saves on the internet

One of the activities that most unite the Brasfoot player community on the internet is sharing information on signings and historic titles won with lesser teams. With that, users of social networks took the opportunity to remember the time of the game, whether at work or at school.

Twitter page mentions Brasfoot players and teams that rose to Serie C

One of the publications that most boosted the name of Brasfoot this Monday was Vulgão, specialized in alternative football, and making sport a way of bringing humor and good discussions on the internet.

With more than 85,000 followers, the page made a good morning mention to all the teams that won access to the 3rd division of the Brazilian Championship, it also made a parallel with all those who spent hours and hours in front of the computer playing the legendary Brasfoot.

What are the teams that guaranteed access to Série C of the Brasileirão?

This weekend, four teams reached the semifinals of the 4th division of Brazilian football, and with that guaranteed their places to compete in Series C in 2024. Ferroviário do Ceará, which was the best team in the 1st phase, eliminated Maranhão on penalties and secured their classification.

Caxias do Rio Grande do Sul, which was once champion of Rio Grande do Sul in 2000, was another team that already secured a place in Série C, by beating Portuguesa do Rio, playing away from home, by the score of 1 x 0. A Ferroviária de Araraquara , beat Sousa da Paraíba, away from home, and eliminated the opponent with a score of 2 x 1 on aggregate.

Finally, Athletic beat Bahia de Feira by 2 x 0 away from home, and lost by 1 x 0 in Minas Gerais. Due to the advantage gained in the first leg, the team from Minas Gerais moved on, and will compete in Série C for the 1st time in 2024.

When do the semifinals of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C take place?

Still no date set to take place, the matches of the semifinal of the Brasileirão Série C already have their switching and field command defined. On the first leg, Caxias faces Ferroviário at home and Ferroviária faces the Athletic team, in Araraquara.

On the way back, it will be Caxias’ turn to visit Ferroviário in Ceará, and Athletic to receive the Ferroviária team, in São João Del Rey, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais. Whoever passes will move on to the big decision.

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