“Bruno Mars is very Flamengo”: red and black people go crazy with singer’s gesture ‘à la Gabigol’

Last Sunday night (10), Bruno Mars performed for the second time at The Town, a music festival in the city of São Paulo. In the final stretch of the show, the pop star made a gesture that drove Flamengo fans crazy. The singer raised his arms and showed his muque, just like Gabigol, Rubro-Negro’s idol, usually does when scoring his goals.

The scene soon had repercussions on social media and became the reason for jokes and memes among Flamengo fans. Messages such as “Bruno Mars is very Flamengo” and “Bruninho is a fan of Gabigol” were published by the red and black people, who had a lot of fun and ‘bragged’ about the situation.

Who is Bruno Mars?

Peter Gene Hernandez, better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer, author of major hits such as: “Just The Way You Are”, “When I Was You Men” and “ Don’t Give Up.”

Bruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, on October 8, 1985. The singer is the son of Puerto Rican percussionist, Peter Hernandez, and Filipino vocalist and hula dancer, Bernadette Hernandez.

Owner of countless hits, Mars is one of the most beloved singers by the Brazilian public. Top attraction at The Town, the artist, who closed the first edition of the festival, promised to return to the country soon.

Why does Gabigol celebrate goals by “mucking”?

Flamengo’s idol and favorite of the red and black fans, Gabigol is known for many things in Brazilian football. His eye for goal, his characteristic ‘toughness’ during games and also the iconic “muque” celebration every time he scores the goals of the opponent.

When scoring goals, Gabigol celebrates in the following way: he raises both arms at shoulder height and forces his biceps with closed fists. What few people know is that this way of celebrating goals began before his arrival at Mais Querido.

According to the attacker himself, the motivation for the celebration is religious in nature and aims to thank God. “I do this to thank the strength that God gives me every day to pursue my dream. And, to show that, no matter how many people doubt it, I will be strong to win”, replied Gabriel to a fan on social media, in 2020.

Gabriel Barbosa’s celebration became a symbol and celebration in the stands, especially among children. Due to the gigantic repercussion and engagement, the attacker turned the gesture into a commercial trademark.

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