São Paulo beat LDU by 1-0, on the night of this Wednesday (31), at Morumbi, in a game valid for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana. Having lost the first leg 2-1, Tricolor had to decide on penalties. And he ended up paying a high price for it. At the lime mark, the Ecuadorians won and eliminated Dorival Júnior’s team.

To the surprise of the fans present at Morumbi, Jamez Rodríguez was the one who wasted the only kick among all the scouts from São Paulo. Despite this, the Colombian was not massacred by the tricolors, but Calleri. On social networks, the attacker was detonated and blamed as the main culprit for the elimination of the team.

In addition to the weak performance in the game as a whole, Calleri wasted a very clear chance to score when the match was still 0-0. In the 26th minute of the second half, Wellington Rato countered with Luciano and made a precise low cross for the number 9, who only had the work of pushing to networks. Face to face with the goal, the Argentine didn’t take the ball full, missed the goal and irritated the São Paulo team. See reactions:

Calleri numbers for the season

The dissatisfaction of the fans of São Paulo is new and has everything to be fleeting. That’s because the Argentine striker is seen by many as an idol of the club and is often acclaimed by the tricolors at Morumbi.

Alongside Luciano, his strike partner, Calleri is São Paulo’s top scorer this season. The number 9 has played 39 matches so far, scoring 10 goals and providing six assists. Adding his two passages through São Paulo, the Argentine accumulates 58 balls in the net and 15 passes for goals in 153 games.

"calleri popcorn maker": striker is pointed out as the main culprit for the elimination of São Paulo
Photo: Icon Sport

What’s left for São Paulo in the season?

Outside the South American, São Paulo has to raise its head, since it has a decision ahead. Tricolor is a finalist of the Copa do Brasil and will face Flamengo in the event. The first leg will be held at Maracanã, on September 17 (Sunday), at 4 pm (Brasília time). The return takes place in Morumbi, a week later, at the same time.

In the Brazilian Championship, São Paulo does not have a good campaign. Without many aspirations in the competition, the Morumbi club has 28 points conquered and is only in 11th place. In 21 disputed rounds, the tricolor team had seven wins, seven draws and seven defeats.

Sao Paulo next games

  • São Paulo x Coritiba – Brazilian Championship – Morumbi – Sunday (9/3), at 8:30 pm (Brasília time);
  • Internacional x São Paulo – Brazilian Championship – Beira-Rio – Wednesday (9/13), at 21:30 (Brasília time);
  • Flamengo x São Paulo – Maracanã – Sunday (9/17), at 4 pm (Brasília time)

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