One of the biggest classics in Brazilian football takes place this Saturday (2), at the Estádio Brinco de Ouro da Princesa in Campinas. Derbi 206 marks yet another encounter in the history of Guarani and Ponte Preta, and writes yet another chapter in the more than centenary trajectory of this rivalry.

As soon as the 25th round of the Brazilian Series B Championship ended, there was no other subject in the city. Guarani and Ponte Preta will measure forces once again, in a classic that could become a watershed in the competition, both for the Bugre, as well as for the Macaca.

This Saturday’s duel, at 6 pm (Brasília time), started long before the ball rolled. Previously scheduled for the 1st of September, at 9:30 pm, the date and time ended up being changed due to pressure from the Bugrina crowd on social networks.

Alleging difficulty in following the game at the previously scheduled time, the fanatical Guarani fans demanded measures from the club’s board, which quickly filed a request for change, and managed to change the date and time of the match with the CBF.

Fans from Campinas criticize the lack of publicity for Derbi 206

Although all radio programs, in practically all local stations and in nearby cities, give 90% of their programming time to information and debates about Derbi 206, as far as television is concerned, the subject does not seem to be as popular , which has been bothering the fans.

EPTV, a channel affiliated with Rede Globo in Campinas and region, as usual, makes an overview of all the games in the round of the Brazilian Series B Championship, and highlights the matches of the teams in the region.

As there are just over 24 hours left for the game, the fans missed this highlight this Friday morning, and went to social media to protest the lack of publicity for the match, on one of the most watched channels in the city of Campinas.

Referee makes history and will referee Derby 206

Édina Alves Batista continues to break taboos, and will write another beautiful chapter in her professional career this Saturday. After becoming the first Brazilian to referee four games in the Women’s World Cup, held in Australia and New Zealand this year, the 43-year-old professional will be the first woman to referee a Campineiro Derby.

It will be the 3rd time that the referee will blow the whistle at a Guarani game in 2023. Used to tense games and decisions, Édina was responsible for the whistle in the decision of the Campeonato Paulista da Série A2, when Ponte Preta received Novorizontino, in Campinas, and won the state title on penalties.

She was also present in the decision of the A1 Series of the state of São Paulo, when Água Santa and Palmeiras played at Arena Barueri, and the team from Diadema beat Alviverde by the score of 2 x 1. On the way back, Verdão won by 4 x 0, in home and became two-time champion of Paulistão.

By determination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Derby 206 between Guarani and Ponte Preta will take place with a single crowd, just as it was in the first round. According to information from the Board of Directors of the Bugre, more than nine thousand tickets have already been sold, and the expectation is that more than 16 thousand people will be present at the Golden Earring of the Princess.

With 41 points and in 7th place in the Brazilian Series B Championship, Guarani can touch the G4 once and for all, and equal the score of 4th place Criciúma, for this, just win Ponte Preta this Saturday.

The Alviverde team will not be able to enter the group of the four best placed in the competition, as it has a lower number of victories than the team from Santa Catarina. Macaca has 31 points, and is in 14th place, five away from the relegation zone. Winning the Derby this Saturday means avoiding the risk of getting closer to the Z4, and will give a greater breath to the environment, which lives under intense pressure due to the campaign in Serie B.

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