Only the passage to the group stage of the Champions League yields 15.6 million euros. To this amount must be added 13.6 or 14.7 million euros resulting from the value associated with the ten-year ranking of UEFA

Braga’s qualification for the group stage of the Champions League will guarantee an amount, right from the start, of almost 30 million euros. Just for qualifying for the group stage, 15.6 million euros will enter the coffers of SAD arsenalista. Added to this sum is 13.6 or 14.7 million resulting from the value associated with the ten-year UEFA ranking, which has to be added and differs from club to club.

Being the 21st most rated team (by ranking) of the 32 that can reach the group stage, Braga can even enter the competition one place above, rooting for PSV to eliminate Rangers. In these accounts, the 32nd and least quoted will receive 1.137 million euros, the penultimate will raise double 1.137, the third-last three times 1.137 M€ and so on until reaching the place that will be occupied by the arsenal players.

To the values ​​mentioned above, Braga will be able to add 2.8 million euros for a victory and 930 thousand euros for a draw.

The fall to the Europa League will mean a huge hole in the books. If you enter the Champions League, it can be equivalent to 30 M€, in the second UEFA club competition the amount drops to 3.6 million euros. In addition to this amount for the presence in the group stage, each victory represents an income of 630 thousand euros and the draw 210 thousand.

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