Corinthians took the lead in the semifinal of the Brazilian Championship. Playing at Vila Belmiro, Timão had a spectacular first half and opened the match 3-0. Jheniffer, twice, and Vic Albuquerque scored the black and white goals.

Counting on a morning of cold and rainy weather, the Brabas started the match at full speed, controlling the attacking momentum of the hosts and seeking their space in the attacking field in quick escapes.

At 17 minutes, Tamires made a good plot on the left with Duda Sampaio, who played low, in the middle of the area, for Jheniffer to hit, the goalkeeper to catch and, on the rebound, the number nine sent it to the back of the net, opening the scoring.

Six minutes later, the Brabas arrived again on the left. First, Tamires tried the cross and saw the ball cut with his hand by the defender. The bid continued and Duda activated Tamires once again, who rolled for Yasmim to hit a cinematic cross for Vic Albuquerque, in the area, to send it to the bottom of the goal. Erroneously, assistant number two, Karla Renata de Santana, signaled offside, which was initially confirmed by referee Deborah Cecília Cruz Correia. Minutes later, VAR corrected the error of both and confirmed the alvinegro goal.

Overwhelming, the Corinthians dominated the game and brought a lot of danger to the Santos goal. With a strong and tight marking still in their attacking field, Timão was getting closer and closer to the goal, which came out on the 36th minute, when the defender tried to dispute the ball with Jaqueline, in a deep pass, and ended up adjusting it to Jheniffer, in the face of the goal, mark the third.

In the second stage, Corinthians managed to manage the result and even created chances to increase the score, but stopped in the opponent’s goal or saw the ball go out in the back line. At the end of the match, VAR, commanded by Rodrigo Nunes de Sá, from the FIFA staff, assisted by Amanda Pinto Matias, still exchanged a yellow card received by Miriã, after hitting the opponent in a slip, for red and another yellow, for Gabi Portilho, in red, in a shot shown on the stadium’s screen where the attacker clearly touches the ball before naturally hitting her opponent. Referee Deborah Cecília Cruz Correia, who is also part of the FIFA team, accepted the recommendation, even though it was erroneous.

Corinthians and Santos face each other again on Saturday, at Fazendinha, at 4:30 pm, in the game that will define one of the finalists of the Brazilian Championship. Tickets for the match are still available at

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