Corinthians is in the grand final of the Brazilian Championship for the seventh consecutive year. At Fazendinha, the Brabas beat Santos by 2 to 0 and, added to the victory last weekend, by 3 to 0, they were guaranteed in the national decision. In addition, the Corinthians team also qualified for CONMEBOL Libertadores 2024.

Facing a full Fazendinha, the Brabas found an opposing team that, needing the result, tried to propose a game in the first minutes. However, the alvinegras held back the momentum of the Santos team and, with a lot of strategy, managed to go to the break with a goalless draw.

Rodrigo Gazzanel/Agência Corinthians

In the final stage, more attacking, Corinthians began to create more and, at 10 minutes, Duda Sampaio took a lot of danger in a shot from the edge of the area, which had to be crushed by the goalkeeper.

At 17 minutes, in a cross ball at the entrance to the area, Jaqueline tried to dominate and, behind her, the scorer touched the ball with her hand. Penalty scored and, in the collection, Duda Sampaio moved the goalkeeper to open the scoring and increase Timão’s advantage.

Rodrigo Gazzanel/Agência Corinthians

With the partial victory, Brabas completely dominated the game and were getting closer and closer to expanding, something that happened in the 43rd minute. In a quick move, Ju Ferreira crossed low and diagonally, finding Fernanda free to hit first and close the scoreboard.

Rodrigo Gazzanel/Agência Corinthians

A guaranteed presence in the grand final of the Brazilian Championship since 2017, Timão will face Ferroviária in search of its fifth national title. The first game between the teams takes place on Thursday, at 4:20 pm, in Araraquara. The second match will be in São Paulo, at 4 pm, on Sunday.

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