Convinced Flamengo fan, Matheus Lima Soares, 17, is not an ordinary teenager. While most young people play at editing videos on social media, he has been working as a videographer professionally for three years. Passionate about the audiovisual universe and Rubro-Negro since childhood, Lima uses his talent to produce football satires.

His most recent work is the video “Street Flaighter”, in which figures from the current Flamengo squad were transformed into characters from the famous fighting game Street Fighter. The idea came up shortly after reading the news about the involvement of Marcos Braz, vice-president of football, in a physical confrontation with a fan.

– In the context of current management, the club is no longer closer to its “clients”, which in this case are the fans. Historically, Flamengo is a popular team, but this board alienates the masses. The episode that happened at the mall, where a director attacked a fan, summarizes the lack of care this board has with the public – he told the Football in the Vein.

In addition to the “masterclass” edition, the young videomaker opted for captivating sound to capture the attention of internet users. With the help of a friend, owner of the YouTube channel “Clubes em 8 Bits”, he used the modified Flamengo anthem on the soundtrack. At the end of the video, it is also possible to hear the parody “Segovinha plays ball”, in a remastering made by Matheus himself.

Football and content fan

Even though he has not reached the age of majority, Lima already owns his own photography studio in Brasília, in the Federal District, and provides services for two other marketing agencies. He is currently studying advertising and propaganda.

– The football player has become the new YouTuber, everyone wants to be famous and participate in this internet world. I always wanted to work in this area, but then I found myself stuck in the production part. To work in this area, I needed to learn how to do things and I increasingly lost the desire to be in front of the camera. However, I fell in love with graphic design. Little by little, customers began to appear. Some other videos went viral and I started to attract the attention of some agencies. With that money I opened a studio about two months ago – he said.

However, the knowledge acquired from an early age meant that Lima became increasingly demanding with the content of Rubro-Negro and other clubs.

– I use my editing skills to criticize football teams in general too, but I talk more about Flamengo because I’m a purple fan. In my family, you either become a Flamengo fan or leave home. My first video that went viral was about Andreas Pereira’s announcement. I did it because I thought the ad wasn’t that exciting, so I decided to make my own, inspired by GTA San Andreas – he said between laughs.

F*** social criticism

Matheus is not the type of passive fan. On social media, he shouts from the rooftops his dissatisfaction with the direction Flamengo took under Rodolfo Landim. For example, the price of tickets for the first game of the Copa do Brasil final against São Paulo, at Maracanã, was a source of disappointment for him. Another point on the list of reasons to help create your social criticism art

– Totally inaccessible in terms of values, This distances the majority of fans from real football. Flamengo lost its essence – it soared.

– This board aims more at profit than at humanizing the fans. It is undeniable that they know how to manage money, the club even had a surplus of R$1 billion, but there is no point in having very good management if the main public is kept away. It ends up elitizing the sport and whether or not football is a popular sport. It is a departure from the roots of football.

Finally, the young man dreams of one day working for his favorite club. Creating Fla TV’s video content is a career objective. But, to make this wish come true, he admits that he will wait for a change in administrative command.

– Every time Flamengo comes to play in Brasília, I insist on going, but I really want to go to Maracanã. It’s a dream I have, that my work in audiovisual can take me to Maracanã. When this board changes, I will send my resume to the club. It’s a dream I have to work there – he concluded.

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