Datafolha poll places Cruzeiro with the 5th largest crowd in the country

Cruzeiro has the fifth biggest crowd in the country, according to the most recent survey carried out by Datafolha. According to the study, carried out through 7,597 interviews with people aged 16 or over, between July 31st and August 7th, in 169 Brazilian municipalities, 4% of Brazilians support the celestial team. The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points, and the confidence level is 95%.

According to Datafolha, the biggest crowd in Brazil is still Flamengo, with a preference of 21% of the national population. Corinthians comes in second, with 15%. Then appear São Paulo and Palmeiras, with 7%. Cruzeiro, Vasco and Grêmio share fifth place, with 4% of Brazilian fans each. Santos has 3% and comes ahead of Atlético-MG, Internacional, Bahia and Botafogo, all with 2%. Fluminense, Brazilian National Team, Sport, Vitória and Fortaleza have 1% each.

The biggest fans in Brazil, according to Datafolha research

  • Flamengo – 21%
  • No team – 19%
  • Corinthians – 15%
  • São Paulo – 7%
  • Palm trees – 7%
  • Cruise – 4%
  • Basque – 4%
  • Guild – 4%
  • Saints – 3%
  • Athletic – 2%
  • International – 2%
  • Bahia – 2%
  • Botafogo – 2%
  • Fluminense – 1%
  • Brazilian team – 1%
  • Sports – 1%
  • Victory – 1%
  • Fortress – 1%

Among the important points of the research, Cruzeiro’s advantage over rival Atlético-MG stands out, which has half of Celeste’s fans according to the percentage indicated. Consequently, the Celeste team appears ahead of the rival in some clippings, such as the number of female fans and superiority in all highlighted social classes.

Cruzeiro was also present in other regions of the country, in addition to the southeast. According to Datafolha, 1% of the population of the North region and 1% of the Center-West region of Brazil support Cruzeiro. The data puts the Celeste team ahead of other Brazilian fans outside the Rio-São Paulo axis. Atlético-MG, Bahia, Grêmio and Internacional do not appear with scores in these same locations.

In the southeast, Cruzeiro, with 8% of fans in the region, is the fourth largest fan base, behind only Corinthians (20%), Flamengo (17%) and São Paulo (9%). Palmeiras (7%), Santos (5%), Atlético-MG (5%), Vasco (4%), Botafogo (2%) and Fluminense (2%), follow. The numbers are relevant, mainly due to the fact that Raposa competes with teams from São Paulo, which manage to increase their advantage nationwide due to their massive presence in regions such as the North, Midwest and Northeast.

Next matches for Cruzeiro in the Brasileirão

Grêmio x Cruzeiro changes schedule

The match between Grêmio and Cruzeiro will no longer take place at 4 pm. The game, which will take place this Sunday (27), was rescheduled for 19h. The confrontation is valid for the 21st round of the Brasileirão and will be played at Arena do Grêmio. Living a bad moment in the season, Pepa’s team knows they need to win to stay away from the relegation zone.

Gilberto is left out of the related

Striker Gilberto, the main target of Cruzeirense fans in a protest held this Saturday (26), at Toca da Raposa 2, was not listed to face Grêmio. The number 99 shirt is in Belo Horizonte and will accompany his teammates on TV.

Among those related, the return of Mateus Vital and William stands out, who had suffered injuries in the match against Palmeiras, valid for the 19th round of the Brasileirão. Midfielder Ian Luccas was left out of Pepa’s squad for having suffered trauma to his right ankle.

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