Fake Natty? Hulk is analyzed by influencer and receives ‘verdict’ on physique

Former bodybuilder and digital influencer Rodrigo Goes evaluated the physique of Hulk, Atlético-MG striker. The player was one of the personalities analyzed in the ‘natty or not’ framework (natural or not, in translation into Portuguese) and passed the test. In a video published on YouTube, Goes investigated photos of the athlete on social media and classified him as natural.

After detailed verification of the photos published by Hulk, Rodrigo Goes reached his ‘verdict’. During the video, the influencer assured that the attacker is natural and did not drink the ‘juice’, an expression used by the former bodybuilder himself to refer to the use of anabolic steroids.

“Givanildo Vieira de Souza, known as Hulk. It’s been a long journey for you, hasn’t it? He has been playing at high performance for over ten years. An extremely committed and dedicated athlete. But people need to know: do you use the juice? How did you achieve such an ‘aesthetic’ butt? How did your shape turn out so well? I don’t know,” said Goes, before concluding:

And after a thorough evaluation, Givanildo, I already have my verdict. My verdict, I’m sorry, fake… no. Fake natty, no! Sorry, Hulk: natural! Yes, Hulk, you are 100% natural. Your physique and your butt are the result of genetics and hard work. Without a doubt, there is no magic pill. You work hard. You don’t make love to the juice. You make love to Atlético Mineiro. You wear the shirt of every team you pass. That’s impressive, Hulk. Not just anyone has such dedication. Your training videos impressed me, kid. You are really very strong. A successful father and businessman. All the best to you, Hulk. You’ve already won.

Who is Rodrigo Goes?

Graduated in physical education, Rodrigo Goes is a former bodybuilder who has become famous on the internet for his eccentric and fun way of communicating. By mixing English and Portuguese words in the same sentence, he ended up popularizing catchphrases such as: “you won in life”, “aesthetic” and “fake natty”.

On his YouTube channel, Goes evaluates the physiques of famous people and defines whether they “grew” with or without the use of anabolic steroids. According to the influencer himself, the evaluation is based solely on personal opinion. The content went viral on the internet and today Rodrigo has more than 980 thousand subscribers on the platform.

Will Hulk play in Atlético-MG’s next match?

Fueled after beating leader Botafogo 1-0, Atlético-MG is preparing for another game in its new home. This Saturday (23), Galo will face Cuiabá, starting at 9pm (Brasília time), at Arena MRV. At the disposal of coach Felipão, Hulk should go to the field to form an attacking duo with Paulinho.

An idol of Atlético-MG, the number 7 has defended the club since 2021 and has accumulated impressive numbers for the team. In total, there are 159 games, 87 goals and 26 assists. Taking only the current season into account, the striker found the net 22 times and made eight passes for goals in 45 matches.

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