« Father of Cruzeiro »: Luis Suárez ends fast and leads Grêmio’s victory over Raposa

After defeats to Flamengo (Copa do Brasil) and Santos (Brasileirão), Grêmio finally won again. This Sunday (27), in a game valid for the 21st round of the Brazilian Championship, Tricolor Gaúcho had Luis Suárez’s top scorer’s eye and beat Cruzeiro 3-0 at the Arena. The Uruguayan striker put an end to his lack of goals and returned to scoring with the Imortal shirt. The Fox, on the other hand, is just downhill.

Grêmio and Cruzeiro have a historic rivalry and the fans of the two clubs often provoke each other. And for the second time in the year, the tricolors won. Despite Raposa having won the game in the first round of the Brasileirão, Imortal eliminated the miners in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The tie between the teams took place this Sunday (27), and Luis Suárez decided to enter the scene.

El Pistoleiro had never scored so long without scoring in his career. The goal against Cruzeiro, which opened the scoring for Gremista’s victory at the Arena, ended an eight-match streak for the Uruguayan without scoring. In all, there were 743 minutes without a try. At 28′ of the first half, Suárez received a sugary pass from Cristaldo, anticipated the marking in the Raposa area and fired at first, with no chance for Rafael Cabral.

On social networks, gremistas celebrated the ‘return’ of the top scorer and provoked Cruzeiro, stating that Suárez is the “father” of the Minas Gerais club. It is worth remembering that the striker had also scored against Raposa in the Copa do Brasil.

Situation of Grêmio in the Brasileirão

With the victory over Cruzeiro, Grêmio reached 36 points, surpassed Flamengo and took third place in the Brazilian Championship. The Tricolor Gaúcho campaign is considered very positive so far. In 21 disputed rounds, Renato Gaúcho’s team had 11 wins, three draws and six defeats.

Despite being very far from the leader Botafogo, Grêmio ‘allows itself’ to dream with the possibility of winning the title. Glorioso has 51 points conquered, that is, 15 more than Imortal. The two teams still face each other in this return, in Rio de Janeiro. In the first round match, Carioca won 2-0 in Porto Alegre.

Upcoming Grêmio games

  • Grêmio x Cuiabá – Brazilian Championship – Arena do Grêmio – Sunday (3/9), at 11 am (Brasília time);
  • Red Bull Bragantino x Grêmio – Brazilian Championship – Nabi Abi Chedid – Wednesday (9/13), at 7 pm (Brasília time);
  • Grêmio x Palmeiras – Brazilian Championship – Arena do Grêmio – Wednesday (9/20), at 7 pm (Brasília time)

Cruzeiro’s situation in the Brasileirão

With one more defeat to count, Cruzeiro sank into the crisis. Now, there are seven games without a victory and a worrying situation on the leaderboard. With 25 points won, Raposa is in 12th place and sees the relegation zone approaching. In the aforementioned cut (seven games without winning), the team from Minas Gerais lost three and drew four.

Cruzeiro started the Brazilian Championship well and even led the competition for a few rounds. However, the performance dropped drastically and the pressure from the crowd started to grow. Pepa, the team’s coach, is one of the most contested by Cruzeirenses.

"Father of the Cruise": Luis Suárez ends fast and leads Grêmio's victory over Raposa
Pepa during Grêmio x Cruzeiro (Photo: Icon Sport)

Cruzeiro next games

  • Cruzeiro x Red Bull Bragantino – Brazilian Championship – Mineirão – Sunday (9/3), at 6:30 pm (Brasília time);
  • Santos x Cruzeiro – Brazilian Championship – Vila Belmiro – Wednesday (9/13), at 21:30 (Brasília time);
  • Fluminense x Cruzeiro – Brazilian Championship – Maracanã – Saturday (9/23), at 9 pm (Brasília time)

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