from the ″fall″ of João Moutinho to the desire of Iván Jaime

The coach’s priority is to reinforce the outside positions, from defense to attack

João Moutinho’s transfer to FC Porto fell through, even after the midfielder had everything settled with the dragons in personal terms. Much has already been written and said on the subject, thanks to the fact that Sérgio Conceição does not consider him a priority target, meaning that almost after a week of waiting, the midfielder has chosen to accept Braga’s invitation.

The dossier, remember, accelerated significantly in the last week, despite the name of the Portuguese international having been associated with FC Porto at a very early stage of the market. On Friday, Moutinho was called to undergo medical examinations at the Espregueira Mendes clinic, as O JOGO reported at the time, fulfilling one of the most important formalities in a transfer process.

The news caught Sérgio Conceição by surprise, who that day underwent surgery on both knees, conducted by José Carlos Noronha. The coach appreciates the qualities of the midfielder, which he was told about even before Otávio left, but he did not see him as a priority for two reasons: the existence of six midfielders in the squad for two positions, with Alan Varela, Nico González, Eustáquio and Grujic implied large investments, Romário Baró will remain in the group for having differentiated characteristics and Bernardo Folha is even on the verge of renewing his contract; in addition to not fitting in the fast and aggressive way in which he intends to see the dragons play, which could lead to a lack of minutes that would certainly not please Moutinho himself.

To this, according to information collected in the meantime by O JOGO, adds the fact that Conceição is aware that the club has a high wage bill and prefers to see the financial resources applied to strengthening the outermost positions of the field. That is, the wings and the most offensive sector.

Jorge Sánchez (ex-Ajax) is about to arrive on loan to compete with João Mário, who comes from a season with some physical problems. In case Zaidu leaves, as he has an offer from Nottingham Forest on the table, the coach hopes that the general level of the position will also be improved.

From here, as we explained in today’s edition, the coach wants a winger, with Iván Jaime at the top of the priorities. From what O JOGO has learned, the profile of the Spanish player has been highlighted by Conceição since last season, with the only thing left for FC Porto to enter the field to reach an understanding platform with Famalicão, who are asking for an amount above 10 M€ for the athlete. On Jaime’s side, there is a lot of time that gives preference to blue and white to pursue his career.

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