Grêmio’s reserve team beat Monsoon 2-1 in a training game played this Wednesday morning (30), at CT Presidente Luiz Carvalho. André and Besozzi scored the goals for Tricolor Gaúcho, while Joesley scored for the club-company from the South Zone of Porto Alegre, which has investments from Dubai and was recently a semi-finalist in the second state division.

The activity, closed to the press, marked another day of preparation for Grêmio in a full week before facing Cuiabá, next Sunday (03/09), for the Brazilian Championship. Coach Renato Portaluppi took the opportunity to pace the game for the athletes who did not start in the 3-0 defeat of Cruzeiro.

Grêmio scores twice in the first half

The Gremista lineup that started the training game with Monsoon had Caíque; Fabio, Bruno Uvini, Bruno Alves and Reinaldo; Bitello, Galdino, Iturbe, Luan and Besozzi; Andre. The two goals of Tricolor Gaucho were scored in the first stage.

After Luan’s corner kick, coming from the right side, Monsoon’s defense couldn’t get away. The ball fell to striker André, who hit hard to open the scoring.

The Tricolor enlarged in a beautiful pattern on the left side. Luan gave a pass to Bitello, who, at first, found Lucas Besozzi free. The Argentine winger started alone and hit the goalkeeper’s exit to widen.

Only two changes in the second half

Unlike what usually happens in activities of this type, coach Renato Portaluppi promoted few changes in the team. Only goalkeeper Felipe Scheibig and left-back Wesley Costa entered the break, replacing Caíque and Reinaldo.

Monsoon cashed out in the second half with a goal by Joesley. He finished after the Gremista defense failed to fend off a corner kick coming from the left side.

While the training game took place in one of the fields of CT Luiz Carvalho, in the other the other athletes performed technical training. Four Under-20 players who were not listed for the game against Athletico-PR, for the Copa do Brasil category, participated in this activity: Thiago Beltrame (goalkeeper), Luís Eduardo (right-back), Athos (defender) and Josué ( steering wheel).

Goal match?

One of the few doubts of Renato Portaluppi’s team for the game against Cuiabá is in the goal. Suspended for the third yellow card, Gabriel Grando will be missing. Caíque and Felipe Scheibig are the options.

Each goaltender played half of the practice game with Monsoon. Caíque was not leaked in the first half, while Scheibig conceded a goal in the second half.

Last Sunday (27), Caíque played with team B in the 3-1 victory over Pelotas, for the FGF Cup – Rei Pelé Trophy, in Boca do Lobo. Meanwhile, Scheibig was Grando’s backup in the rout against Cruzeiro — both have been taking turns in this condition.

Formed in Vitória and having played for the Brazilian national team, Caíque is 26 years old and stood out this season at Ypiranga, for whom he faced Grêmio in the semifinals of the Campeonato Gaúcho. Felipe Scheibig is 23 years old and is a child of the Gremista base. So far, he has only two games for the professional team, both last year.

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