Reinforcement and one of the great highlights of Internacional in the Libertadores semifinalist campaign, Sergio Rochet continues to be on the agenda at Grêmio. That’s because the Uruguayan goalkeeper was probed at Tricolor Gaúcho at the beginning of the year, before hitting Colorado.

After making a controversial statement about Rochet in a press conference, the vice president of Grêmio football, Antônio Brum, returned to talk about the goalkeeper in an interview with Rádio Guaíba last Tuesday (5). The leader gave more details about the approach to the player.

Remember first statement

Brum’s first speech took place at a press conference a little over a month ago. On August 3, when asked about Rochet, the tricolor football vice-president assured that he did not make an official proposal for the goalkeeper, and even pinned his rival.

— Grêmio never made an official proposal for Rochet. His name was in our reports, as were many others, but it never went beyond that. They tried to create a narrative that ‘Inter signed the player that Grêmio wanted’, but a proposal never happened. I dare say that for the values ​​​​that Rochet came to Inter, I would not bring him to Grêmio – he fired.

The statement was given just two days after the Uruguayan had a great performance in Inter’s 2-1 defeat by River Plate, at Monumental de Nuñez, for the first leg of the Libertadores round of 16. Because of this, there are those who interpreted it as Brum’s ‘heartache’.

Rochet has been standing out for Internacional in Libertadores.  Photo: Ricardo Duarte/SC Internacional

Director again mentions financial aspect as an obstacle

In the recent interview with Guaíba, the director did not question Rochet’s potential. But he again cited the financial aspect as an impediment.

— I never questioned the quality of Rochet, including confirming that we monitor him. But after the Cup and his good performance in the World Cup, it became something unfeasible for Grêmio. When we found out about the values, we didn’t even continue. We understood that other positions were more important than looking for a new goalkeeper. he explained.

Brum also revealed that three other players from Nacional were scouted by Tricolor Gaúcho for the 2023 season. In addition to Carballo and Suárez, hired by the club, the list also included Puma Rodríguez, currently at Vasco da Gama.

options for the goal

Without Rochet, Grêmio started the season with only goalkeepers from the base categories: Gabriel Grando, Adriel, Brenno and Felipe Scheibig. Adriel was a starter, with prominence, in winning the Campeonato Gaúcho, but he was involved in controversies and lost the title to Grando, who took advantage mainly in the Copa do Brasil, against Cruzeiro and Bahia.

In the middle of the year, Adriel was loaned to Bahia, and Brenno to Bari, in Italy. With that, Tricolor Gaúcho hired Caíque, who stood out for Ypiranga. The goalkeeper formed in Vitória debuted in the last round of the Brazilian Championship, in the 2-0 triumph over Cuiabá.

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