Group of Fluminense fans stone Botafogo bus; see images

Botafogo went through an unfortunate mess when boarding for Argentina. This Tuesday afternoon, a group of Fluminense fans, who were there to accompany the departure of the Laranjeiras team to Paraguay, threw stones at the Glorioso bus upon arrival at Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeão). The stone hit a window, close to the seat of striker Carlos Alberto, who was hit by shards of glass, but had no injuries.

The departure of Fluminense and Botafogo had a difference of about 30 minutes. With an eye on the match against Olimpia, in Paraguay, for the second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals, Tricolor fans organized an “AeroFlu” to welcome the delegation, which arrived around 3 pm.

When the Botafogo bus was approaching Galeão, Fluminense fans, who were starting to leave, threw a stone and beer glasses, which also hit the vehicle. The Military Police were called and police investigated the vehicle after the departure of the Botafogo delegation, which left for Buenos Aires, where the team will face Defensa y Justicia, on Wednesday, for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa Sul- American.

Fluminense and Botafogo repudiate the episode

Shortly after the regrettable episode, Fluminense published a short official note repudiating the fact. Then, in response to Tricolor, Botafogo also manifested itself.

“Fluminense FC regrets the violence practiced by fans against the Botafogo bus, this afternoon, demonstrating its complete repudiation of any type of violence in football”, published Fluminense.

“That’s it, Fluminense. Responsible and necessary positioning. There must no longer be tolerance for any kind of violence in football and society. There were no injuries and the Botafogo delegation travels normally to Argentina”, replied Botafogo.

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