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On Monday night (18/9), Corinthians returned to the field for Brasileirão 2023. In a match that had been postponed, valid for the 15th round of the national competition, the opponent was Grêmio, at the Neo Química Arena. Timão fought on the field, went after the score and tied 4-4. Alvinegro’s goals were scored by Fábio Santos, Lucas Veríssimo, Yuri Alberto and Giuliano.

With the result, Coringão adds another point and reaches 27 points, in 14th place. So far, Alvinegro’s record in the championship is six wins, nine draws and eight defeats in 23 games played.


Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo started the confrontation with Cássio, Fagner, Lucas Veríssimo, Caetano, Fábio Santos, Gabriel Moscardo, Maycon, Renato Augusto, Matías Rojas, Pedro and Yuri Alberto. Giuliano, Wesley, Gustavo Silva and Cantillo entered during the match. They were still in reserve: Carlos Miguel, Fausto Vera, Romero, Léo Mana, Matheus Bidu, Biro, Ruan Oliveira and João Pedro.

Ball in play!

Timão took advantage of Fiel’s momentum and looked to attack in the opening minutes. Corinthians’ first shot in the game was in the first minute. Rojas adjusted his body and shot firmly from outside the area, but the goalkeeper made the save.

In the following minutes, Coringão looked for some offensive moves, but with little danger to the opponent’s goal.

In the 13th minute, Timão managed a good counterattack: Fagner passed it to Renato Augusto, who advanced, but the pass was short for Pedro, who arrived free in the penalty area.

At 20 minutes, the visiting team opened the scoring. 1 to 0 Grêmio. In the 26th minute, they extended the score, 2-0 for the opponent.In the 31st minute, Yuri Alberto narrowly missed out on a goal for Timão. Fagner crossed from the right and the number 9 caught it first time with a good finish, but the goalkeeper passed it to the bottom line.

However, in the first half, Timão turned the score around!

The first was from Fábio Santos, from a penalty kick, in the 44th minute! Renato Augusto was brought down in the penalty area and the referee awarded the penalty. The left-back hit firmly, in the corner, and reduced it.

In the 49th minute, the one who left everything the same was Lucas Veríssimo. The defender rose well after Rojas’ corner kick and found the net. 2 to 2 at Neo Química Arena.

The turning point came at 50 minutes! Maycon found Yuri Alberto in the penalty area, who headed well and gave Coringão the advantage! 3 to 2 in Itaquera and the end of the first half!

Second time

Timão returned to the match unchanged.

After just seven minutes, Grêmio equalized the score again with a shot from outside the area. 3 to 3. Then, in the 12th minute, the opponent once again took the lead. 4 to 3 for Grêmio.

At 17 minutes, Corinthians’ first two changes in the game. Wesley and Giuliano entered in the places of Moscardo and Pedro.

In the 22nd minute, five minutes after coming on, Giuliano left everything the same again in Itaquera! Yuri Alberto started the play, played it to Wesley, and the attacker found Giuliano in the penalty area, who made a classy touch, in the corner, with no chance of defense. 4 to 4 on the scoreboard.

At 33 minutes, another change to Coringão. Rojas left for Gustavo Silva to enter. The last change was in the 38th minute, with Cantillo replacing Maycon.

In the 39th minute, Yuri Alberto almost put Timão ahead once again. The center forward took advantage of a cross in the area from Renato Augusto and headed it, but the opposing defense managed to clear it.

After five minutes of stoppage time, the referee ended the match. 4 to 4 at Neo Química Arena.

Next game

Corinthians will return to the field next Friday (22/9), also for Brasileirão 2023. The opponent will be Botafogo, at Neo Química Arena, at 8pm (Brasília time), for the 24th round of the national competition.

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