João Pedro Sousa and the match against Sporting: ″It comes at the right time″

Famalicão visits Sporting on Sunday, in a match for the third round of the championship, scheduled for 8:30 pm

The coach of Famalicão, João Pedro Sousa, said this Saturday that the match against Sporting, on the third round of the I Liga, « comes at the right time ».

João Pedro Sousa explained that the team is aware of the quality of Sporting’s squad, even so he assured that the work that his players have shown gives confidence for a good result in Alvalade.

« We will certainly find an excellent team, with very competent ideas. Regardless of the current position, the moment that the team may or may not be experiencing, we are fully aware that we will find a very strong team. I would even say that this challenge comes at the right time. right. We have three weeks of work with the complete squad and we are stronger and more prepared than in previous games », said the coach from Famalicense.

The coach also stressed that Famalicão « learned from the last two games », always being aware that « it is not mature yet ».

« It’s important to understand that training and game hours are important. We only took positive things from the last two games. We believe that today we are stronger and that the team will give a different type of response, realizing that on the other side we will find an opponent very strong », he also reinforced, in a press conference previewing the match with Sporting, on Sunday, in Alvalade.

João Pedro Sousa also commented on the fact that this season, in most of the games, more extra-time is played.

« It’s normal. Maybe we have to prepare the game with a view to having more extra time… it can influence the substitutions, the strategic changes maybe have to be more delayed, because we know that the game goes until 100 minutes. physical level the players are prepared », he guaranteed.

Another detail analyzed by the coach of the Minho team was the fact that Famalicão conceded goals in the first minutes of the matches.

« We are attentive to that, we analyzed that issue, if it is possible to improve. There may be the intention of being able to work on that in training, wanting to reach Alvalade and keep possession of the ball away from the goal. The question is whether the opponent will allow it. that. We work to keep the goal at zero, but in almost all games there are goals. We are attentive, but it doesn’t seem that it is a problem that we can reduce to that we started badly in the first parts », he said.

João Pedro Sousa spoke again about the situation of Iván Jaime, explaining that everything remains unchanged and the player will continue to be out of the squad.

« The situation remains the same. I talk to him a lot, I avoid advising him at such a delicate moment. The advice I give him, and which he follows to the letter, is work. He’s working well, everything’s fine with the colleagues. For market reasons, he told me that he is not available to compete and from then on the subject concerns the direction », he concluded.

Famalicão faces Sporting, at 20:30 on Sunday, at the José Alvalade stadium, in Lisbon, in a match for the third round of the I Liga, which will be coached by André Narciso, from the Setúbal Football Association.

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