João Victor stays at Benfica and decides to fight



Brazilian player will have refused to join the emblem of the neighboring country

He was almost with both feet out of Benfica, given the loan proposal presented by the Spaniards from Las Palmas and a French emblem, but now he has in sight the permanence of the squad.

João Victor reportedly refused to join the neighboring country’s emblem, according to « Maisfutebol » on Tuesday, and is now committed to moving up the defense hierarchy to ensure opportunities throughout the season.

The 25-year-old Brazilian central midfielder, who was signed last season from Corinthians in a global investment of 9.5 million euros, will be waiting for an injury or drop in performance from António Silva or Otamendi to compete in the eleven, counting also that he will have « only » Morato’s competition in that race, given that Tomás Araújo should even be transferred.

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