Miguel Gouveia Pereira


Brazilians report that the North American businessman’s interest has heated up again.

John Textor continues to keep an eye on SAD in Estoril. The businessman’s interest had already been reported about a month ago, but was once again reinforced by Globloesporte, which guarantees that there are negotiations with those responsible for Estoril and that the North American has already visited the Canarinhos facilities.

According to the same source, there have been increasingly frequent conversations with David Blitzer, one of the investors in the Amoreira emblem, and a friend of John Textor. JOGO found that there are indeed conversations between the two businessmen, given their proximity, but a concrete proposal has not yet been presented.

Since 2019, SAD do Estoril has been owned by MSP Sports Capital, which holds 74.5 of the company’s shares. If Eagle Holding, led by Textor, decides to invest in Estoril, the Canarians could join a network of clubs, where Botafogo and Lyon are already in the North American’s « portfolio ».

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