João Mário’s new competitor lands this Tuesday morning at Invicta, loaned by Ajax with a purchase option. The usual procedures and the formalization will follow, which can also be this Tuesday

With everything agreed between FC Porto and Ajax with a view to the loan of Jorge Sánchez to the blue and white club, the usual formalities remain, which, barring a major unforeseen event, will be carried out this Tuesday.

The right-back lands at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport this Tuesday morning, from where he will be promptly taken to Estádio do Dragão, in order to carry out the indispensable battery of medical examinations and other procedures. It is even very likely that the Mexican international will be made official today, integrating the work of the blue and white squad as soon as it returns to Olival.

Sánchez, 25, will compete with João Mário for the spot on the right side of the blue and white defensive quartet and arrives at Dragão on loan until the end of the season. The loan also includes a purchase option of four million euros, which will become mandatory when the defender completes 20 games for the blue and whites. The side still does not add any official minutes in 2023/24.

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