The annual survey by Forbes magazine revealed that Leila Pereira is the fourth richest woman in Brazil. The president of Palmeiras, together with her husband, José Roberto Lamacchia, has assets valued at R$ 8 billion. Compared to last year, the businesswoman gained a position in the ranking and increased her fortune by BRL 800 million. Reacting to the fact on social networks, the Palmeiras fans demanded the representative: “where are the reinforcements?”.

Fans question the huge assets of the president and the absence of new players this season (there were only two, Artur and Richard Ríos). This added to several departures that happened for this season of important athletes, such as Gustavo Scarpa and Danilo – this one, without a replacement at the height, reason for more criticism and request for a defensive midfielder by the people of Palmeiras.

The crowd still mocks the phrase “values ​​scare”, in reference to failed negotiations for high values.

Leila has been president of Alviverde since 2022 and her companies, Banco Crefisa and Faculdade das Américas (FAM), have been on the club’s shirt since 2015 – a period in which the team established itself as one of the main forces in the country. At that moment, the companies’ commercial contract with Palmeiras has an annual value of R$ 81 million, which can increase for titles won. A fan criticized the amount paid in the agreements, demanding a greater amount on account of the executive’s assets.

According to Palmeiras’ 2022 balance sheet, the club still owes Crefisa R$ 67 million for signings with the help of the bank, mainly for players coming in the first years of sponsorship.

Leila Pereira’s mandate continues until 2024 and may have another three years

After joining as a sponsor through her companies, Leila was elected as a club advisor in 2017. Four years later, in November 2021, she was elected president with 1,897 votes out of a total of 2,141 advisors. The executive has a term valid for the three-year period 2022/2023/2024. At the end of next year, the representative intends to run for re-election, which can guarantee her power in Palmeiras until 2027.

“I do intend to finish my three-year term and seek re-election for another three. I would like to stay six years. After that, I will not abandon Palmeiras. I continue to collaborate with my partners and with the people who want Palmeiras to grow in accordance with our objectives”, he said, in 2021, to the Canal Livre program, by Band.

President of Palmeiras lived with protests in 2023

The absence of reinforcements led to criticism and protests against Leila Pereira in addition to social networks. Before the match against Fortaleza, on July 22, organized and common fans gathered around Allianz Parque to protest against Leila, with requests for signings and banners attacking the president.

“Created by the poor, stolen by the rich” “values ​​frighten” “Leila Mentirosa” and “Leila Pereira, friend or enemy?” were some of the phrases displayed on the fans’ banners.

Many criticisms of President Alviverde were also due to the purchase of a plane for US$ 64 million (R$ 328 million). The aircraft is part of a new company, called Placar Linhas Aéreas, and will be available to Palmeiras at any time – and may also be chartered by other Brazilian clubs.

At that moment, to calm down their fans, Leila and football director Anderson Barros will only be able to bring players without a contract because the transfer window has already closed. But everything indicates that coach Abel Ferreira will continue with his same group of players to fight for the title of the Brazilian Championship and the Copa Libertadores.

Palmeiras next games

  • Palmeiras x Goiás, Brasileirão Série A, Allianz Parque, São Paulo-SP – September 15 (Friday), at 21:30 (Brasília time);
  • Grêmio x Palmeiras, Brasileirão Série A, Arena do Grêmio, Porto Alegre-RS – September 21 (Thursday), at 21:30 (Brasília time);
  • Boca Juniors x Palmeiras, Libertadores, Bombonera, Buenos Aires-ARG – September 28 (Thursday), at 21:30 (Brasília time).

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