Memorial Corinthians inaugurates new panel in honor of Futsal

Photo: Fabricio Miguel

On September 22nd, the new panel in honor of Timão’s Futsal was inaugurated at Memorial Corinthians, located at Timão’s headquarters, in Parque São Jorge. This panel highlights the conquest of the second championship of the National Futsal League in the years 2016 and 2022, immortalizing these great titles in the history of Alvinegro.

With the presence of the athletes and collaborators involved in the achievements, in addition to the current squad, the 2022 champions were presented by Carlos Henrique Ros Salas – Caíque (Director of the Land Sports Department), Luiz Wagner Alcântara (Vice-President of the club) and Andre Carrijo (Cultural Director) paid tribute for the achievement.

The “Baixinho Bom de Bola”, Deives, the only athlete present in the two victories, as well as the professionals who were also present in the 2016 and 2022 titles, Roberto Toledo – Roba (Sports Manager); Edson Sesma, Edinho (Futsal Manager); Wilson Junior, Juninho (Physical Prep); Marcelo Purific (Prep. Goalkeepers); Arivaldo de Jesus – Nego (Butler) and Ana Dolores (Administrative Assistant) also received honors for their double achievement.

Photo: Fabricio Miguel

Carlos Henrique Ros Salas – Caíque (Director of the Department of Land Sports), spoke a little about the feeling of inaugurating the panel, which marks another important point in Corinthian futsal

“More than inaugurating the panel, the feeling that emerges is one of achievement, which begins back there, with the assembly of the team, and which brings to light all the work that was done to reach the moment of being able to immortalize those who do the title happens, as it was a team that was often discredited and even criticized throughout the season, and with our determination and Corinthian blood, we managed to win another title the Corinthians way”

The panel can now be seen when visiting the Club’s memorial, which features other important cups recently erected by Futsal alvinegro.

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