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Corinthians is in the semifinals of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, after eliminating Estudiantes on penalties, on Tuesday night (29). Playing in La Plata, Timão had a very bad match in normal time, when they lost by 1-0.

With the help of the beam several times, Alvinegro resisted and managed to take the decision to penalties. In the kicks, with a save by Cássio and two more wasted hits on the beam, Timão managed to qualify. Fábio Santos, Fausto Vera and Matías Rojas converted their kicks.

For the next phase, it is certain that the duel will be between Brazilians. Timão awaits the decision between Fortaleza and América-MG to define who will be the next opponent in the South American competition.

Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo chose Timão with Cássio; Bruno Méndez, Gil, Lucas Veríssimo and Fábio Santos; Gabriel Moscardo, Maycon, Ruan Oliveira and Renato Augusto; Romero and Matías Rojas. Entered during the game Yuri Alberto, Wesley, Giuliano and Fausto Vera. Still available on the bench: Carlos Miguel, Leo Mana, Caetano, Gustavo Silva, Matheus Bidu, Biro, Pedro and Matheus Araújo.

First time
In the first minute of the game, Estudiantes took the lead on the scoreboard. Sosa crossed in the area, in the opponent’s first attack, Bruno Méndez hit and in the spare the ball was left to Mauro Méndez, who finished it into the goal. The ball even deflected off Lucas Veríssimo, eliminating any possibility of defense for Cássio: 1-0 for the Argentines and everything was equal on the aggregate score.

After the goal, Corinthians continued to be pressured in the defense: the Argentines easily regained possession of the ball and put pressure on Timão. It was a difficult start to the match for Alvinegro.

In the ninth minute, Rollheiser received the cross inside the area from Jorge Rodríguez and shot with a volley, but Cássio made a great save.

Timon tried to answer a minute later. From a corner kick, Rojas crossed into the area and Gil headed past the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Estudiantes arrived again, in the 20th minute: Mancuso received it at the edge of the area, on the right side, and shot looking for the angle, the ball went up and went out.

The Argentine team arrived again, at 29: in a Carrilho header, Cássio kept the ball.

At 37 minutes, another scare against Timão: Benedetti headed the post. A minute later, another ball hit the post, this time from a Rollheiser shot. The beam helped save Alvinegro! At 40 minutes, Cássio defended another good arrival by the Argentines, after Rollheiser’s kick.

The referee gave two minutes of added time and ended the first stage.

It was a very bad first half for the Corinthians team. After conceding the goal in the first minute, Alvinegro only defended and was unable to leave for the game.

Second time
Timão returned for the second half with two changes. Out: Ruan Oliveira and Romero and Wesley and Yuri Alberto entered.

Ball in play!

In the seventh minute, Rollheiser took a risk from outside the area and Cássio made a calm save.

And the beam helped Timão once again: in a kick by Rollheiser, in the 12th minute. Estudiantes’ number 10 kicked once more on goal in the next minute and this time Cássio made the save.

At 14 minutes, another Corinthians change: Gabriel Moscardo left and Giuliano entered.

And the GIANT was once again triggered at 16 minutes: in a shot by Sosa, from outside the area, Cássio palmed it.

In the 27th minute, the beam unbelievably saved Timão once again. Ascacibar took a long shot and exploded on the post!

At 30 minutes, Corinthians tried to finish. Yuri Alberto took a risk from afar and the ball went out.

Corinthians moved again, in the 35th minute: Renato Augusto left and Fausto Vera entered.

The referee gave four minutes of added time.

Giuliano had a good opportunity in the attack, in the 47th minute. He received from Yuri Alberto, turned from side to side and kicked out.

Endgame in La Plata. The decision went to penalty kicks.

penalty shootout

The decision started with the Estudiantes team hitting. In the first round, Sosa went for the ball for the Argentines. He tapped and converted. For Corinthians, Fábio Santos was the first to charge. Shirt number 6 went to the ball and also converted, 1 to 1.

The second round started with Rollheiser going for the ball. Shirt number 10 charged and CÁSSIO DEFENDED! For Corinthians, Giuliano was the second to beat. He charged and goalkeeper Anduljar also saved the kick, followed by 1-1.

In the third round, Lollo knocked for Estudiantes. He charged and exploded on the crossbar! Fausto Vera was the third to hit for Alvinegro. The Argentine charged and converted, putting Timão in front, 2 to 1.

Estudiantes’ fourth penalty came from Mauro Méndez. The number 16 charged and converted. For Timão, Matías Rojas was responsible for the fourth penalty. The Paraguayan hit and did! 3 to 2 for Corinthians!

Estudiantes’ fifth and final kick came from Ascacibar. He kicked the post!

Corinthians qualified for the CONMEBOL Sudamericana semifinals!

next game
Corinthians returns to the field this Sunday (3), when they face Palmeiras, at 4 pm, at the Neo Química Arena, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão 2023.

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