Abe Ferreira gave Rony a rest at Palmeiras. The number 10 starts on the bench against Grêmio today (21), at 9:30 pm, at Arena do Grêmio. The attacking starter will be Endrick, alongside Mayke and Artur.

Endrick’s innings is six for a half-dozen. The news may be in the positions of the wingers. The natural thing is for Mayke to go to the right, to play in depth.

Artur on the left means that Rocha, and not Piquerez, will have the role of being the full-back who advances the attack. Unlike the Uruguayan, who attacks as a winger, however, Rocha tends to close in the middle.

When it comes to preparing a team for the semifinals, the truth is that all players know and have already trained possible positions. So even if it is not tested today, a formation can be easily climbed next Thursday.

In the changes in the second half, it is worth keeping an eye on whether the coach will play Kevin on the left at some point. He is the only left winger on the team who cuts into the middle, like Dudu.

Another point to note is whether Endrick will also do work further away from the area, in case of a possible entry by Rony.

Palmeiras starts with:

Weverton, Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez; Zé Rafael, Gabriel Menino and Raphael Veiga; Mayke, Endrick and Arthur

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