Pixbet is a bookmaker with a number of interesting features. However, to access them, it is necessary to pixbet registration from your account. The good news is that Pixbet registration is very simple. Check out!


Pixbet registration – Step by step guide

O process of making your Pixbet registration is one of the simplest and is linked to the Federal Revenue system. This means that, when entering your CPF, the Pixbet registration system automatically pulls your name and date of birth. It is also during registration that the new player must activate their coupons and promotional codes.

This system makes life easier for the player, but also links the account to the CPF. In this way, to be able to extract the player will need to request the withdrawal to an account with the same CPF. It is a way that reliable bookmakers have found to protect players and also not serve as a means of money laundering. Well, now let’s get to the point: check it out how to register at pixbet:

Total time: 3 minutes

1. Enter the official Pixbet website

pixbet official website

The first step of registration is enter the official Pixbet website to start registration. Note the importance we attach to the fact that the site is the official one, as we know that there are many Pixbet mirror sites. The purpose of these sites is to impersonate bookmakers to steal data and eventually the money that the player mistakenly deposits.

Therefore, we reinforce the need to confirm that the website is official. By accessing through one of our links, you will be safe and within the real Pixbet website. To make sure you are on the official website, check that the website matches the images shown here.

2. Access the registration form

pixbet record

When accessing the site, you must look for the registration button. In this case, the button Pixbet Registration it’s in the right corner, up there, in green. Click on it to open the registration form. You will be directed to a new page and can proceed with your registration. If you used one of our access links, you will automatically land on the registration part.

3. Informing the CPF number

cpf pixbet

The CPF is the physical person registration, which every Brazilian over 18 years old must have. It is from the CPF that the Brazilian can assume commitments, open bank accounts and sign contracts. Therefore, it is the standard document that safe and reliable bookmakers ask for when registering. With Pixbet registration is no different. You must inform your CPF in the first step of registration.

4. Check your registration data

pixbet data

As mentioned, Pixbet has a system that checks user data based on the CPF. Thus, automatically, after entering your CPF number in the first step of registration, the Pixbet registration system will pull the name and date of birth linked to the informed CPF. The second step consists of confirming that the data is correct and coincides with your personal data.

5. Other personal information

pixbet data

The last step of registering at Pixbet consists of informing other personal data and credentials that will be used to log in to the bookmaker. The first is the username, which must be created and will be used when you log in. E-mail is also required so that Pixbet can contact you if you lose your password. Create a strong password that only you have access to. Enter a valid phone number to link your account and protect yourself even further.

6. Enter a bonus code

pixbet bonus code

It is also in the last step of the registration that the user must inform the promotional code. This code can be obtained right here, in our content about the Pixbet bookmaker. With it in hand, just enter it in the appropriate field when registering.

Then just confirm that you are over 18 years old, accept the terms and confirm the registration. That’s it, you’ve registered with Pixbet and you’re ready to bet at the bookmaker. It’s just log in with username (not with email, as in other bookmakers) and with the created password.

How the bonus Pixbet works

Many readers contact us asking about the Pixbet bonus. The bookmaker does not usually offer many promotions and bonuses for players. Even for new players, the options are slim. However, in certain periods and for certain events, Pixbet can create interesting promotions, but you have to be aware when the promotion is launched. Pixbet is currently only running one promotion, and we’ll talk about it in more detail below.

Free Pixbet guess how it works

Users who complete the pixbet registration can participate in the free tip promotion. It is a promotion that gives BRL 12 per day depending on the player’s predictions set by the bookmaker. However, it is important to highlight that, in order to activate the promotion, the player must register again.

When entering the promotion page, he must click on “Guesses” in the lower corner and, in the window that will open, click on “Don’t have an account? Register ». In the open form, you must inform your cell phone number. Within 10 minutes the player will receive a text message with the code to activate their account.

Informing the code received, just proceed to the next steps of registration. There are three in total and, when completed, the player will activate the option to check the tips that pay money. Thus, with the login in Pixbet promotion free tipjust make your guesses and hope to be right.

pixbet free tips

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How to make your first deposit at Pixbet

For make guesses on Pixbet registration it is necessary, but it is also need account balance. That’s because, without money, there is no way to place bets. In this sense, it is important to know how to make a deposit using Pixbet’s deposit systems. Currently, Pixbet has two ways for those who want to deposit: Pix or cryptocurrencies.

Both methods are available with high limits and no fees. However, players report that depositing via Pix is ​​often much faster than the cryptocurrency system. We advise you to use the deposit system that you are most familiar with. We will explain how to make a deposit in both cases.

  • Deposit via Pix: Access your account, click on deposit in the upper corner, select AnSpacePlay, inform the bonus code (if you have one) and the amount to be deposited (from R$1 to R$100 thousand). Click on deposit, a QR Code and a random key will be generated. Pay using one of the two options and wait for the amount to drop into your account.
  • Deposit with cryptocurrencies: Log in to your account and then in the deposit section, select the cryptocurrency method. Enter the bonus code and the amount you want to deposit, which should range from 30 reais to 100 thousand reais. When you click on deposit, a form will open for you to select which cryptocurrency you are going to use (Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Ripple). Select the currency and click continue. A QR Code will be generated, making the payment through your cryptocurrency wallets.

Note that, in both cases, the limits are high and reach R$100,000. However, if you have registered your Pixbet and want to deposit only R$1, the most suitable method is via PIX, which accepts the lowest value. Already the method of Cryptocurrencies only accept minimum amounts of R$30.

Pixbet mobile registration – App review

Many players prefer to place bets on their cell phones, due to the practicality and mobility that devices allow. Despite this being the first option for many, few bookmakers offer an app. Pixbet is one of those few houses and its mobile app is well built and highly praised. by new players who are registering Pixbet and by players already registered.

The Pixbet app is very functional and simulates the desktop version. With all the features that the player finds in the website version, including the Pixbet registration form. The app is available for download directly from the Pixbet website, with easy access.

Just scroll the homepage of the bookmaker to the end and you will find a button indicating the download of the application from the Google Play Store. Despite this indication, the download is done directly from the Pixbet website, in a completely secure procedure. We have already done and we certify that the app is secure and works great.

Therefore, if you want to register your Pixbet or simply want to connect to your account via cell phone, just download the Pixbet application. However, if you have an iPhone or Ipad, it is worth noting that Pixbet does not yet have an application for these operating systems. In truth, Apple apps can only be made available on the company’s official store and Brazilian bookmakers are still not allowed to do so.

Due to the regulation of bookmakers, this is about to change and soon we will see Pixbet apps available both in the official Google Play store and in the official Apple store. Until that happens, you can use the mobile version of the Pixbet website on your Apple browser. For also saving a shortcut on your phone’s home screen and accessing it as if it were an app.

make your pixbet registration, deposit via Pix or cryptocurrencies, make quick withdrawals and take advantage of Pixbet’s attractive odds, all using just your cell phone. Find out how to bet on Pixbet in a few clicks and enjoy!

pixbet app

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Pixbet registration

How to deposit money into Pixbet account after registration?

To create a Pixbet account, follow the steps mentioned above in the article, from accessing the official website to entering a bonus code. After completing the Pix registration, to deposit money, you have two options: via Pix or cryptocurrencies. Follow the detailed instructions in the “How to make your first deposit at Pixbet” section of the article. Then it’s time to learn how to bet pixbet and go for the hug.

Is it necessary to register the CPF for Pixbet registration?

Yes, the CPF is required for Pixbet to register. In the first step of registration, you must inform your CPF. Pixbet uses a system that checks user data from the CPF, which facilitates the process and helps to protect players and prevent money laundering.

Is the Pixbet app available for iOS?

Currently, the Pixbet app is only available for Android devices. iPhone or iPad users can access the mobile version of the Pixbet website in their device’s browser and save a shortcut on their home screen to access as if it were an app.

Is there any promotion to play for free after registering Pixbet?

Pixbet offers a free tip promotion, which gives 12 reais per day as the player hits the guesses set by the bookmaker. To activate the promotion, it is necessary to complete a new registration on the promotion page, following the detailed instructions in the section “Guess Pixbet for free how it works” in the article.

How to withdraw money after winning a bet on Pixbet?

After registering with Pixbet and winning a bet, you need to request the withdrawal to a bank account linked to the same CPF used in the registration. This is a security procedure to protect players and prevent money laundering. Detailed withdrawal instructions should be available in the help or FAQ section of the Pixbet website.

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