President of the Deliberative Council, Dr. Alexandre Husni, congratulates Corinthians

The President of the Deliberative Council, Dr. Alexandre Husni, congratulates Corinthians and Corinthians on the 113th anniversary of our Club.

Corinthians and Corinthians,

It takes years for a man to build his history and establish his reputation.

A man’s story is built over years!

For the construction of the history of an institution, of a company, it takes a few decades.

But a legend…ah, a legend builds its history, and consolidates it, over the centuries!!!

And what is Corinthians if not a legend, a saga, an epic full of stories built over these 113 years?

More than a century where the love of football, the strength, determination, joy, sweat and tears, the many victories and glorious moments were the bricks, stones and mortar used in the construction of this great, this enormous building, of this true legend that is Corinthians!

A legend that makes the hearts of millions and millions of Brazilians beat?

No! We are not “just” a football team. Those who see us like this have a very limited vision.

We are much, much more than that.

We are the tears that fill the eyes of millions of fans when we are on the field; we are the powerful pulse of hundreds of thousands of hearts that come together to give us their unconditional love; we are the cry and union of all the voices that, in unison, celebrate our victories.

We are, above all, a state of mind, in which the delivery of emotions is complete and in which defeat never exists!!!

Therefore, in these 113 years that we celebrate today, September 1, just saying “Congratulations, Corinthians” or “Congratulations, Corinthians” is necessary, but it is very little.

Today, I ask every Corinthian heart to vibrate with emotion for this team, for this powerful force that unites us and makes us equal, no matter how different we are!

Today I, and all of you, celebrate much more than Corinthians.

We celebrate the LIFE that exists, pulsating and vigorous, in us, through the Corinthian blood that runs through our veins!!!

Long live Corinthians!!!

Alexandre Husni

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