Protest at Gabigol party sets the wrong tone for Flamengo fans

The patience of the crowd Flamengo, which is already naturally low, has been exhausted after the numerous failures that the year 2023 reserved. Rubro-Negro had a chance to win titles, but ended up sinking due to the low level of the team. Not even birthday parties escaped, as was the case with Gabigol.

The striker is celebrating his birthday this Wednesday (30) and, the night before, he threw a party for friends, family and teammates in Itanhangá, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The invitations, however, were leaked before the event, and a group of Flamengo fans was there to protest.

Although the team’s moment is not good at all, on the eve of the decision of the Copa do Brasil, the episode was regretted by those involved on Gabi’s birthday. Cars were broken into, guests were harassed. The group of 50 fans stayed between 9:00 pm and 11:30 pm at the door of the venue.

Is the patience of Flamengo fans over?

As mentioned, Flamengo fans are among the most demanding in the country. Although the club has won several titles in recent years, any slip is cause for criticism. Even so, the direction of attacks is a little out of date, especially due to the bad moment of the team.

It is clear that Gabigol is having a bad time for Flamengo. It is the striker’s lowest-scoring season for the club, with just 20 goals in 46 games, and he is the most ineffective athlete in the Brazilian Championship in terms of big missed chances. However, nothing can justify such harassment towards one of the greatest idols in the history of Rubro-Negro.

A protest in front of an anniversary has been seen very few times, if at all, and takes the focus away from who should be criticized at that moment. Jorge Sampaoli is in the mix, but he is Flamengo’s board who made the most mistakes in 2023, starting with the departure of Dorival Júnior. Some shouts against Landim and Braz were heard, but not even close to the criticism of Gabigol.

Flamengo: from 'heaven to hell' with Gabigol, crowd celebrates victory over Grêmio
Gabigol does not have a great time for Flamengo (Photo: Icon Sport)

The moment is not good, tempers are running high, but there is no need to cross the line. This is the tone of Flamengo fans, increasingly angry at a squad that won, but calls for a renewal, which the board refuses to do. The next challenge will be this Saturday (2), against Botafogo, leader of the Brazilian Championship, at Nilton Santos.

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