Ronaldinho Gaúcho at CPI: remember other ‘random rolês’ of the star

In another of his “random rolês”, Ronaldinho Gaúcho went viral on social networks this Thursday (31). After two absences, the former player appeared before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of the Financial Pyramids for being appointed as partner-owner and founder of 18K Ronaldinho, accused of pyramid scheme through cryptocurrency investments. In the deposition, he denied any involvement with the company.

The appearance of the former best player in the world at the CPI generated several memes and another unusual appearance. Remember other random rolês of the eternal “Wizard”.

Prison in Paraguay

Between March and September 2020, Ronaldinho Gaúcho was arrested in Paraguay for using a false passport. He went viral during the period he held a title won by the former athlete after an 11 x 2 victory in which he participated in all the goals: five balls in the net and six assists. The tournament’s prize in the chain was a trophy and a 16-kilogram piglet.

It was 171 days that Ronaldinho and his brother, Roberto Assis, were trapped in Paraguay, between a prison and then under house arrest in a hotel in Asunción. Two years after the arrest, the former athlete made a deal with Paraguayan justice and was acquitted of the charges.

Ronaldinho Gaucho as Singer

Alongside Dennis DJ and the country duo João Lucas & Marcelo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho released the song “Vamos Beber”, in 2014. The passage sung by Bruxo brings a lot of ostentation. “Break this champagne and they go crazy. They start to roll, with their little finger in their mouths”, sings the former player in one part. Watch the full clip.

Appearances in movies and reality shows

The photo that went viral as “Ronaldinho Cop” is actually during the reality sport “The Victorius”, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, in which he dressed as a security guard to surprise the participants with his skill. Soon they realized he was the best player in the world in 2005 and 2006.

The ace’s participation extended from TV to movie screens. In 2018, he played the fighter Ronaldo in the movie “Kickboxer: A Retaliação”. The production features a cast of fighting stars, such as Brazilians Fabrício Werdum and Wanderlei Silva, as well as Mike Tyson, Renzo Gracie and Roy Nelson.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho at CPI: remember other 'random rolês' of the star
Ronaldinho during the Kickboxer movie (Photo: Reproduction)

R10 Jedi in Star Wars

Rolnadinho Gaúcho dressed as a Jedi from Star Wars to reproduce a remarkable move of his career: the free kick under the barrier. The production was a commercial for Heineken, the main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League beer brand. The publicity pieces will also bring together other former players, such as Jerzy Dudek and Van Nistelrooy.

Playing percussion at the 2018 World Cup final

During the closing ceremony of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Ronaldinho stole all the spotlight from Russian singer Aida Garifullina’s performance by appearing playing percussion. At the time, the participation of the star player was a total surprise, no one expected this “random” appearance anymore.

Why is Ronaldinho testifying at the CPI on Cryptocurrencies?

The company 18K Ronaldinho promised investors yields of up to 2%, but the amounts have never been paid to date. A collective action in 2020 made Ronaldinho a defendant. The people who invested asked for BRL 300 million in losses.

“I never participated in the company 18k, I never authorized the use of the name and image by such a company. I was a victim too”, said the former player during his testimony at the CPI.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho stated that Raphael Horácio Nunes de Oliveira and Marcelo Lara Marcelino are the partners of 18k Ronaldinho and used his name improperly. He still chose to remain silent on questions from parliamentarians that could incriminate him, as he obtained a decision in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) that allowed him to remain silent.

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