« Saudi Arabia? It is a transversal concern to all European leagues″

President of Liga Portugal spoke about Saudi football, which has received several big names in this transfer window

Pedro Proença, at an event where Liga Portugal received a certificate from SIGA on integrity in governance, spoke about the transfer market in Saudi Arabia, which has taken several big names in football this summer.

« Saudi Arabia? It’s a concern across all European leagues. It’s a difficulty, we are a sales league. Not having an alignment in international markets creates difficulties for us. This is a reality that FIFA itself tries to regulate and has not been able to It was clear to us that markets should start and end on the same date, so that our competitions, national and international, are regulated by the same standard. Liga Portugal create a different date, if the other Leagues do not follow », he began by saying.

« On the Saudi market, we have to see this from several perspectives, we are a seller market and I really believe that our relations with Saudi Arabia, and in the near future you will understand why, we Liga Portugal will also be in that market very soon », he concluded the leader.

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