This Saturday (26), the teams of Railway It is Sousa went to the field for the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Brasileirão Serie D. On the lawn of Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara-SP, Locomotiva grená won Dinossauro do Sertão by 1 x 0. return.

Although both teams made an effort to show their best on the pitch, Ferroviária fans had a regrettable moment this season in Série D. the players of the paraibana team.

On the networks, president of Sousa denounces racism and xenophobia in Série D

After the end of the match, the leader of the Paraíba team published on his social networks the report about the fact. According to Sousa’s president, “(…) is the sinister record of part of the local fans behind Sousa’s bench. Xenophobic and racist terms throughout the game”, said Aldeone Abrantes.

After the game, the president of Sousa was sought out by our team, and reported that the players from the Paraiba team even informed the referee Anderson Daronco of the fact, but he did not pay attention to the case. During the game, the club’s social media profiles denounced the fact:

That said, at the end of the match, Sousa published an official note on the subject on his social networks, detailing the content of the insults from part of the Ferroviária fans: expressions such as “miserable Paraíba people dying of hunger” and “Indian” (referring to the athlete Herick Maceió, of indigenous descent) were present in the vocabulary of some Grená fans.

According to information from President Aldeone Abrantes; cast, board and technical commission of Sousa Esporte Clube will hold a meeting later this Sunday (27) to define referrals on the case with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The leader of the Paraiba team did not say what measures will be taken in this regard, but clarified that the club’s legal department is aware and working on the case.

Serie D: Sousa x Ferroviária, the access game

After the first leg in Araraquara, there is the return match, at Estádio Marizão, in Sousa, in the interior of Paraíba. The confrontation between Sousa x Ferroviária will take place next Sunday (9/3) at 3 pm (Brasília time). As they won by 1 x 0, the Grená team plays for a draw to gain access to the third division. The hosts, on the other hand, need to win by two goals ahead to guarantee a place in the semifinals. In case of Sousa’s victory by a goal difference, the vacancy decision will be on penalties.

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