Sport: Torcida do Leão rages on social networks for a bad streak in Série B

The current situation of Sport in the Brazilian Series B Championship has taken the patience of Leão da Ilha fans. Without winning for four games, the team from Pernambuco comes from a draw, away from home, against Botafogo-SP by the score of 1 x 1, in a very rum performance by the Rubro-Negro team.

One of the most qualified squads in Série B is from the Sport team. Candidate for access, and even the title of the competition, Leão da Ilha is going through a troubled moment, and may be out of the G4 in this round, if it does not win against Criciúma on Saturday (9), at 20:45 (Brasília time).

In 3rd place in the Brasileirão with 46 points, if Leão da Ilha does not beat the Criciúma team, it could be overtaken by Novorizontino, by Criciúma itself, and could finish the 27th round in 6th place.

With that, the fan went to social networks this Wednesday to express his dissatisfaction with the team, mainly due to Guarani’s victory against Chapecoense by 1 x 0, in a match held yesterday (Tuesday), and which made the Bugre pass Sport, thus assuming the vice-leadership of the competition with 47 points.

Guarani rise worries Sport fans

In the direct confrontation between Guarani and Sport for the Brazilian Series B Championship, Bugre did better, dominated the Pernambuco team, and won by the score of 3 x 1, in a match held at the Estádio Brinco de Ouro da Princesa.

From then on, Sport played two more games, and continued without winning. For the 1st time in this year’s competition, the team was defeated at home, against Ituano, by the score of 2 x 1, and in the last round, the team again played very poorly, and only drew against the limited team from Botafogo-SP by 1 x 1, playing in Ribeirão Preto.

The clash against Criciúma, this Saturday, is essential for Leão da Ilha’s intentions in Serie B. If they win, the team will have 49 points, and could close the round in the lead, if Vitória does not beat the CRB, out of House.

In addition to criticizing the team’s posture in recent games, Guarani’s rise in Serie B has caused concern among Pernambuco fans. The team from Campinas already has 47 points, and will have a quieter sequence ahead of them, as they faced most of the teams that fight at the top of the table.

The presence of Diego Souza increases the expectations of Sport fans to recover the winning path.

Hired a month ago, idol Diego Souza spent the last thirty days doing a solid job of physical recovery. The 38-year-old striker, with a prominent spell at Leão da Ilha between 2014 and 2018, gained access to Série A with Grêmio last season, and signed a productivity contract with the team from Pernambuco.

With the return of the legendary shirt number 87, the Sport team expects to improve its performance in this Brazilian Series B Championship, and the team can once again present the same football that enchanted the local and national critics at the beginning of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that the search for Diego Souza was also motivated by the sale of Luciano Juba to Bahia. The striker was traded to Tricolor Baiano before the opening of the 2nd transfer window and played his last game for Leão da Ilha against Ituano.

Sport’s next games

Sport x Criciúma, Brasileirão Série B, Recife-PE – September 9 (Saturday), 20:45 (Brasília time).

ABC x Sport, Brasileirão Série B, Natal-RN – September 15 (Friday), 21:30 (Brasília time).

Sport x Londrina, Brasileirão Série B, Recife-SP – September 23 (Saturday), 20:45 (Brasília time).

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