At issue are infractions committed in the game against Moreirense, in Alvalade, on the fifth round of the I League. The Lions won 3-0.

The Disciplinary Board fined Sporting 7,752 euros for the game against Moreirense. First, the fine of 5,100 euros for throwing four pyrotechnic devices: a smoke pot, two firecrackers and a flashlight and aggravated for repeat offenses.

In addition, a fine of 612 euros for a chant insulting the League and 1020 euros for a banner outside the permitted dimensions.

The club remains under the jurisdiction of UEFA, has a suspended sentence for two years, but in case of repeated bad behavior by fans it will be prevented from selling tickets to fans.

On social media and on its website, Sporting has been calling for fair-play conduct, against pyrotechnics, throwing objects, violence and racism.

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