The party that will celebrate the 113th anniversary of Corinthians is approaching, on the night of September 1st, at the Neo Química Arena. In great style, Timão’s home will host the Corinthians Masters match against Real Madrid Leyendas.

This Wednesday night (30), some former players who will be on the pitch on Friday (9/1) gave a press conference directly from Neo Química Arena: Dinei and Fernando Baiano, for Corinthians, and Emerson and Savio, for Real Madrid. In addition, Marinho Barros, Marketing manager for Corinthians, and Mauro Rozenszajn, from MTR7, were also present.

“A nice, festive day, starting the ceremonies and festivities of the 113 years of Corinthians. We had a special highlight in this management the club’s birthday, at the height of the loyal fans, with shows and entertainment. Let’s have a big and different party this time. I met Mauro from MTR7 and he brought me this opportunity to bring Real Madrid. It is a celebration much bigger than a game, we announced the first musical attraction, Lucas Morato, and we have more surprises”, began Marinho, describing a little more about the event.

About the match between the clubs back in 2000, for the FIFA Club World Cup, the players recalled what happened at the time. The first of them was Sávio: “Right from the beginning, in Madrid, we were in three competitions and we had the inclusion of the World Cup game. We assimilated it and, from the moment we left for Brazil, we saw how important it was, we saw the chance to win another World Cup”, he said.

Dinei, champion of the Coringão competition that year, also recalled: “With regard to the World Cup, we prepared ourselves and, being a FIFA World Cup, it was already different. We had finished the 1999 Brazilian in December, we were exhausted. There was no time to party for the Brasileirão, it was preparation, and we had Real Madrid on the other side ”, he said.

For Fernando Baiano, Filho do Terrão, playing at Neo Química Arena will have an even more special flavor: “I was born and raised here, I left the south zone to play here with the aim of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional player. Today it’s a dream come true to step back here and remember that it was our training center. About the 2000 game, we see that game as a final, which Fiel will remember for the rest of his life”, he added.

Ticket sales are now open and Fiel can guarantee your ticket at the link For this event, the address is through the Inti platform, and not the regular ticket sales address for Corinthians games valid for official competitions. The North and South Sector are already sold out.

Watch the full press conference in its entirety below:

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