« Red devils » left the race for the goalkeeper that Roger Schmidt has already « scratched » off the map

If doubts still existed, Roger Schmidt clarified them at the end of the game with Gil Vicente. Vlachodimos was not even called up and the coach pointed out the Greek international at the exit door, now waiting for the player and the incarnate officials that a formal proposal for the acquisition of the guardian appears in Luz, with the expectation, according to the latest data, that it may arrive with the seal of Nottingham Forest, continuing the interest already revealed by O JOGO.

« Vlachodimos is out because right now it’s still an (open) question, let’s see what happens until the end of the market », said the coach, after having left the number 99 shirt at home and kept Samuel Soares’ title, with backup Trubin on the bench. Incidentally, the previous holder did not even go to Barcelos and published, before the game, on social networks, a video in which he appears in a playground playing with his daughter.

At this stage, and after the goalkeeper had directly questioned Roger Schmidt about the loss of title, the atmosphere between the two and the high investment in Trubin (ten million euros with 40% of the pass remaining in Shakhtar’s possession) « advise » a departure in definitive of Vlachodimos, now without real conditions to return to be an option for the German technician.

After Manchester United dropped out of the race for the player, having signed Bayindir from Fenerbahçe, Vlachodimos and president Rui Costa are waiting for Nottingham Forest, very interested in the 29-year-old goalkeeper, to really get ahead, something that hasn’t yet formally happened, but that could happen in the next few hours. Benfica wants 10 million euros, the English after having lost three targets have not expected to reach that high, but everything is now open and all parties really want this deal.

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