VAR of Corinthians x Grêmio said he sees Yuri Alberto’s arm in a « dispute position »

This Tuesday morning (19), the CBF released the VAR audio of Yuri Alberto’s unmarked penalty in the 4-4 draw between Corinthians and Grêmio, in a postponed match of the 15th round of the Brazilian Championship. In the understanding of video referee Emerson de Almeida Ferreira, the Corinthians center forward’s arm was in a “dispute position”.

The episode took place 47 minutes into the second half of the game on Monday (18) night, at the NeoQuímica Arena, in São Paulo. Yuri Alberto’s touch of the arm, inside the area, came after Ferreira’s cross from the left side.

“Dispute position”, “pulling back the arm” and contesting AVAR 2

VAR of Corinthians x Grêmio said he saw Yuri Alberto's arm in "dispute position"
Referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio during Corinthians x Grêmio. Photo: Marco Galvão/Icon Sport

After referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio and his assistants on the field considered the move normal, the VAR began checking. Before the final opinion on touching the arm, two other aspects were evaluated.

VAR of Corinthians x Grêmio said he saw Yuri Alberto's arm in "dispute position"
NeoQuímica Arena screen during VAR review. Photo: Marco Galvão/Icon Sport

First, if the ball hadn’t bounced off Fagner before Yuri Alberto, which it didn’t. Then, if there was no foul by Rodrigo Ely on Lucas Veríssimo in an area dispute. The understanding was that there was a head-to-head clash, with no faulty charge.

Regarding the capital bid, Emerson de Almeida Ferreira was decided in his opinion. Even with the challenge of AVAR 2, Michel Patrick Costa Guimarães.

— The player, even though he has his hand in this position, I think he is natural for this fight for the ball. And he has no intention of blocking — said Emerson.

— Don’t you think you’re too open, Emerson? That ball would pass if it didn’t hit that arm — Michael questioned.

— Okay, but for me he doesn’t intend to block. He intends to compete for the ball. It’s different from blocking. He is withdrawing his arm. He is not going with his arm towards the ball — ratified the main VAR, before warning Wilton to continue the game, claiming that Yuri was “retracting his arm” and in a “dispute position”.

Lots of complaints from Grêmio

The audio was released after a request and a lot of complaints from Grêmio. Both president Alberto Guerra and coach Renato Portaluppi spoke after the match.

— We can’t let what happened here go past. It’s shameful. A very clear penalty not given. I’m not going to take responsibility away from the referee, who should have seen it. We were there in the box, 200 meters away, and it was easy to see that it was a penalty. And although he didn’t, the VAR would have the obligation, the duty to call the referee to look. He is refereeing the game, replacing the referee. They are hiding behind VAR. And he didn’t call. Grêmio is once again harmed. We have already made two complaints to the CBF. We’ll do another one. I would like to hear from Seneme, with whom I was at the beginning of the year, at the CBF technical meeting, to come forward and show whether this move was not a penalty. And publish the audio, which I and the whole of Brazil think would like to hear — complained the president. 3Dgeglobo

— I spoke to the referee, he said that the opponent had his arm behind him. He’s a World Cup referee. I can’t even blame the game referee, because he has the tool, he has VAR. So the CBF should release the audio of this move. I would like Emerson de Almeida Ferreira, who was the VAR referee, to come forward. Seneme, come out with him. Don’t you know all the rules? I know it too. Maybe much more than you. And look, the game referee waited a long time, so he had all the time in the world to analyze. In fact, it didn’t even need to. In three seconds he could tell it was a penalty. (…) It gets hard. The whole of Brazil saw this shame today. Even Stevie Wonder, I think he saw it was a penalty — said the coach.

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