Ramón Díaz seems to have won the trust and admiration of Vasco fans once and for all. In addition to the notable improvement of the team on the field since his arrival, the coach has shown tenacity, respect and intense dedication to the institution. After the draw with Bahia, the Argentine coach came out in defense of Gigante da Colina and, in a firm and incisive way, made an appeal to the authorities so that the club can return to play in São Januário.

Ramón Díaz’s strong statement was popular with fans. If before the coach was gradually winning the Cruzmaltinos for the regular performances of the team inside the four lines, after the press conference granted in Salvador he touched the soul of the vascaínos and started to receive compliments and even pledges of love on the part of the supporters. Check out some reactions to the Argentine commander:

What did Ramón Díaz say in the post-Bahia 1 x 1 Vasco press conference?

Ramón Díaz adopted a very optimistic tone after Vasco’s draw against Bahia, in Fonte Nova, last Sunday (3). During the press conference, the coach put his foot down and assured that Cruzmaltino will not be relegated to Série B. However, that was not what caught the most attention. As mentioned, the Argentine asked the competent authorities to release São Januário and allow Gigante da Colina the right to return to play at home. The stadium has been banned from receiving fans since June 22, more than two months ago.

“We want to play at home, we want to play on our field. All other teams play on their home soil, but not us. Why? We also want to play at home, with our fans. Today you saw all the people that came, many people. We want to play in our stadium”, said Ramón, before adding:

“Let this suspension end. Everyone can play their field, and we can’t. And we have fans to fill three stadiums, let us play at our house, please!”

Numbers of Ramón Díaz ahead of Vasco?

Ramón Díaz was presented as coach of Vasco on the 17th of July. Since then, in addition to the evolution in football practiced, the Cruzmaltino team started to get better results. In all, the Argentinian coach has led Gigante da Colina in seven matches so far. There were two wins, two draws and three defeats.

It may seem like little, but anyone who followed Vasco’s campaign in the Brazilian Championship from the beginning knows that the new commander’s performance is above average compared to what the team had previously presented.

Vasco: Ramón Díaz 'embodies' Cruzmaltino spirit and wins over fans
Photo: Icon Sport

Ramón Díaz’s mission corresponds to Cruzmaltino’s goal in the Brasileirão, which, by the way, is very clear: to avoid further relegation and keep the club among the elite of Brazilian football. With 17 points conquered, the Giant of the Hill is in 18th place. First team out of the relegation zone, Bahia has 22.

Vasco’s next matches

  • Vasco x Fluminense – Brazilian Championship – Nilton Santos Stadium – Saturday (9/16), at 4 pm (Brasília time);
  • Vasco x Coritiba – Brazilian Championship – São Januário – Tuesday (9/19), at 7 pm (Brasília time);
  • América-MG x Vasco – Brazilian Championship – Arena Independência – Saturday (9/23), at 6:30 pm (Brasília time)

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