Vasco: remember the bids claimed by the club with arbitration in the Brazilian

In the fight against relegation in the Brazilian Championship, Vasco lives with problems on and off the field. But, in addition, the club has also suffered from arbitration decisions, at least controversial. In the defeat to Palmeiras, last Sunday, at Allianz Parque, Ramón Diaz’s team had a goal annulled with the help of VAR when he could not have interfered in the bid. But this was just one more example of matches in which Vasco’s board felt harmed.

So far, Vasco has already complained about the arbitration in four matches of the Brazilian Championship. On these occasions, Cruz-Maltino informed that it would – and did – make formal complaints to the CBF and the Arbitration Commission. After the match against Palmeiras it was no different.

“Vasco da Gama disputes the interference of VAR and the annulment of Paulinho’s legitimate goal, in the match this Sunday (27/08), against Palmeiras. The arbitration error directly influenced the progress of the game and, consequently, its result”, published Vasco on social networks after the 1-0 defeat by Palmeiras.

Remember the bids claimed by Vasco in this Brazilian Championship

Vasco 0 x 1 Santos – 6th round

The defeat to Santos, in São Januário, was marked by three controversial moves for Vasco. The club complained about the failure to take penalties on three occasions. The first happened at 17′ of the first half, when Messias, from Santos, headed the ball into the arm of Gabriel Inocêncio, his teammate, inside the area after a corner kick.

The other two bids took place in the second stage. At 28′, in a split at the top between Pedro Raul, from Vasco, and Joaquim, from Santos, the ball touches the Santos player’s arm inside the area. Then, at 44′, Pedro Raul fell in the area after a collision with Rodrigo Fernández.

On the occasion, after the game, the football director Paulo Bracks himself stated that he would go to the CBF to make a formal complaint against the arbitration. Rodrigo José Pereira de Lima commanded that match.

Red Bull Bragantino 1 x 1 Vasco – 19th round

Vasco was not satisfied with Anderson Daronco’s refereeing in the tie with Red Bull Bragantino. The club complained about some yellow cards and, mainly, a possible missed penalty on Luca Orellano.

After the match, Vasco announced that it would ask for “technical explanations about some moves and punctual decisions of the match in question” for the Arbitration Commission.

Vasco 1 x 0 Atlético-MG – 20th round

Despite the victory over Galo, Vasco was not satisfied with the refereeing of the match at Maracanã. The club again complained about yellow cards (six in total) and a possible unmarked penalty on Gabriel Pec. In the move, defender Maurício Lemos pulled the attacker by the shirt inside the area. Cruz-Maltino, once again, said it would request “technical explanations about some specific moves and decisions of the match in question”.

In a video released by the CBF, the president of the Arbitration Commission, Wilson Seneme, agreed with the non-marking of the penalty. For him, the pull did not interfere with Gabriel Pec’s movement. The CBF explanation, of course, irritated Vasco fans.

Palmeiras 1 x 0 Vasco – 21st round

Last Sunday, when the match was 0-0, Paulinho scored a beautiful goal from outside the area. However, after review by VAR, the bid was canceled due to Vegetti’s impediment at the beginning of the play. However, as a new move began after the Palmeiras defense was cut – which was left for Paulinho to send to the nets -, VAR could not interfere in the goal. The bid also infuriated the Basques.

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