Vlachodimos opens the door to Nottingham Forest

Offer for the goalkeeper did not please, but there is room for a deal

Vlachodimos is getting closer and closer to putting an end to his career with an eagle on his chest and to embracing a new stage in a championship that he has always seen as a big step. As expected by the goalkeeper and also by those responsible for Benfica, the proposal that may lead to the solution of a problem has already arrived at the offices of the Benfica SAD. On the sender is the name of Nottingham Forest, emblem of the English Premier League that wants to complete the deal by paying an amount, offered, of nine million euros.

The Greek international, according to O JOGO, has already made it known that he accepts the move to England, now waiting for the directors of the two clubs to settle needles for an amount that will allow him to put the stamp of “transferred” on his resume, something that has not yet happened . Nottingham’s offer, announced yesterday by Italian transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano and confirmed by our newspaper, will include a target portion. The reds, however, aim for a minimum bar of ten million euros, considering that the 29-year-old goalkeeper has a high value, raised until this, which is his sixth season at the service of Benfica. By the way, the specialized site « Transfermarkt » values ​​the player born in Germany at… 16 million euros.

With day 1 on which the market window closes approaching, negotiations between the parties should see progress in the next few hours. And there is an expectation in Luz that Forest, after losing several targets in defense of their nets, will accept to push the proposal further, to the point of convincing president Rui Costa to sell the goalkeeper who lost his title, remember, later having confronted coach Roger Schmidt to ask for an explanation for his decision to withdraw his number 1 status. Samuel Soares advanced to the goal against Estrela da Amadora and Gil Vicente, with reinforcement Trubin – it cost an initial 10 million euros, leaving Shakhtar with 40% of the capital gain in a future sale – sitting on the bench, warming up batteries to soon succeed the youngster promoted from the B team.

All the data point to the transfer being carried out in good time, thus allowing the resolution of an obvious problem between the coach and the player, who risks not playing until the end of the season if the exit door is not opened. And all parties are aware of this.

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