Without Odair and with Barbieri discarded, Cruzeiro continues in search of a coach

A week after the resignation of the Portuguese coach Pepa, Cruzeiro continues without a coach to continue the season. The celestial club accumulates a few “no” and in other cases the names aired were nothing more than speculation. With the cast off this Monday (4th) and Tuesday (5th), training will resume on Wednesday (6th) and it is expected that by then a new name will have been announced.

In addition to the refusals of Paulo Autuori, technical director of Cruzeiro, and the former Argentine defender Gabriel Milito, who left Argentinos Juniors last week, the trivela found out that Odair Hellmann, 46 years old, was another one sought by Raposa and denied the offer by Ronaldo Fenômeno’s team.

Cruzeiro would have offered a proposal for Odair to command the team until December, when the Brazilian Championship ends – Raposa’s idea is to find a coach to finish the Série A, keeping the Celeste club in the elite, to, in 2024, seek a new one commander for a long-term project.

The idea, however, did not please Odair Hellmann and his staff, who ruled out embracing a short-term project. As soon as the poll took place, the coach and his team were excited about the possibility and Odair began to consider modifying his professional planning to train Cruzeiro, but the situation changed with the proposal of a short contract.

The coach said he was still willing to accept a proposal from Cruzeiro as long as he could stay at the club until 2024, which is not Raposa’s idea.

Maurício Barbieri was not contacted

Another name speculated to take over Cruzeiro was coach Maurício Barbieri, 41 years old. Despite his name having been spoken in recent days, the coach’s manager, Nenê Zini, said that there was no consultation from the Celeste club to the coach, who was dismissed from Vasco last June. The information was given firsthand by the portal Zeiro and confirmed by the report of the soccer in vein.

Other Names Mentioned

In the midst of the search for coaches, other names were mentioned, including the Portuguese António Oliveira, who commands Cuiabá, and Thiago Carpini, who has a good campaign with Juventude in Série B of the Brasileirão. Despite speculation, none of them received an official proposal from Cruzeiro.

This Tuesday (5), the Celeste team completes a week without a coach. In the last match, that Sunday’s (3rd) draw, 0-0, with Red Bull Bragantino, the coach of Cruzeiro’s under-20 team, Fernando Seabra, led the team. Despite being a new face, the interim was criticized for maintaining the structure of Pepa’s team and for the press conference, at least, fanciful granted after the match.

Cruzeiro next games

  • 23rd round – Santos x Cruzeiro – 9/13 (Wednesday) – 21:30 – Vila Belmiro
  • 24th round – Fluminense x Cruzeiro – 9/23 (Wednesday) – 9 pm – Maracanã
  • 25th round – Cruzeiro x América-MG – 9/30 (Saturday) – (To be confirmed)
  • 26th round – Cruzeiro x Flamengo – (To be confirmed)
  • 27th round – Cuiabá x Cruzeiro – (To be confirmed)
  • 28th round – Atlético-MG x Cruzeiro – (To be confirmed)

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