U-21s Edge Macedonia

U21: Portugal 2-1 Macedonia

The Portuguese Under-21 team earned a hard-fought victory over Macedonia on Tuesday. Andre Martins and Fredy were the goalscorers for the Seleccao. This game primarily served as a warm-up game to next month’s must-win game against Poland. A win against Poland will almost guarantee qualification.

The game started brightly for Portugal, who had many of the chances in the first half. Their positive attacking play was rewarded in the 24th minute, when Andre Martins redirected a David Simao shot into the back of the net. The first half ended with Portugal on top of the proceedings, with the score at 1-0. Rui Jorge made ten substitutions in the second half, and in doing so, gave four players their debuts with the U-21 team. These players were Joao Amorim, Goncalo Silva, Anibal Capela, and Sergio Oliveira. The natural flow of the game was affected accordingly by the mass substitutions in the second half, and Portugal were punished for it when, in the 76th minute, Macedonia equalized. With the game tied at 1-1, a breakthrough was needed. That is exactly what Fredy did just six minutes later. The substitute received the ball, and smashed a long-range shot into the back of the net with ease. That was how the game ended: 2-1. Portugal was obviously the better team, but had problems capitalizing on their chances.

Anthony Lopes(Cristiano)(Mika), Cedric(Joao Amorim), Pedro Mendes(Goncalo Silva), Vitor Bastos(Anibal Capela), Ruben(Luis Martins), Andre Almeida(Diogo Amado), Andre Martins(Sergio Oliveira), Josue (Leandro Pimenta), Abel Camara(Rui Fonte), Salvador Agra(Wilson), David Simao(Fredy)

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