Carvalho Suspended for One Year

The Portuguese Football Federation has announced that Ricardo Carvalho has been banned from the National Team for one season, due to his unprofessional conduct. Carvalho walked out of the Portuguese training camp just days before the team’s crunch Euro 2012 qualifier against Cyprus, supposedly due to him learning that he would be on the bench. Paulo Bento stood firm, not apologizing for the incident, as many feel he shouldn’t. The Portuguese coach also called for Carvalho to apologize to the fans for his actions over the past month, but Ricardo Carvalho has not responded. Now, suspended for one year, Carvalho looks set to miss Euro 2012, not that he would play anyway, with the defender having stated that he will never play under Paulo Bento again. It is really too bad that such a fine player as Ricardo Carvalho would have to end such an illustrious career as his in such undesirable circumstances.

Queiroz Suspended for One Month

Is he gone for good?

ABola tells us that Portuguese National Team coach Carlos Queiroz has been suspended from his coaching post for a period of one month. His suspension, if I read correctly, is going to include the upcoming Cyprus and Norway Euro 2012 qualifying games. During this time, if I read correctly, the board will decide on Queiroz’s future. Supposedly, this announcement is supposed to be made tomorrow by FPF, but ABola somehow got the scoop early. They’re good at that.