Portugal Maintains FIFA Ranking

Portugal, somehow, stayed eighth in the September edition of the FIFA World Rankings. Even though the Portuguese National Team lost to Norway and infamously drew at home against Cyprus, FIFA have given us some sympathy. The Seleccao is in complete disarray after the firing of coach Carlos Queiroz. As for the deserved FIFA Ranking, I would have to say that 15th is only fair. The Seleccao must have paid FIFA or something, because Portugal are ahead of the likes of Chile and Croatia, who I feel confident could beat us right now.

Portugal Attain Highest-Ever Ranking

Even Queiroz looks confunded abouth this ranking.

When I looked at the latest edition of the FIFA World Rankings, I definitely took at double-take. WE ARE 3RD IN THE WORLD!!! I firmly believe that this ranking is not accurate, but nevertheless we are ahead of the likes of Holland, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and England. In 2004, after we were almost European champions, our ranking was lower than it is now. It is blatantly obvious that we had a MUCH stronger team back then. But, having said that, I am still giddy at the fact that I can boast to my friend(who is a Germany fan) that Portugal are currently statistically better.