Goalkeeper’s failure in Seleção training drives Botafogo fans crazy

A video published by the official page of the newspaper O Liberal on Twitter, took the patience of Botafogo fans this Friday (8), the date of the Brazilian team’s debut in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia. This is because, a clip from training done yesterday, Thursday, showed one of Amarelinha’s goalkeepers failing in a move. According to the page, the person who was involved in the play was Glorioso’s goalkeeper, Lucas Perri, which was quickly refuted by internet users, who stated that, in fact, the one who was defending the move and failed was Ederson, from Manchester City.

Several Glorioso fans went to the publication to rebut and complain about the content of the post, even publishing the newspaper’s direct contact number so that they could inform them about the error made by the portal. The irritation of Internet users was so great that some even published that they would denounce the publication, claiming that the content posted there would lead to a wrong interpretation of Perri’s quality.

Botafogo fans complain about persecution

One of the points mentioned by Alvinegro fans in the publication in question would be a press persecution due to the team’s good form in the season. Absolute leader of the Brazilian Championship with 51 points, ten more than Palmeiras, the error attributed to Perri in the post made by O Liberal would be a way of contesting Perri’s good form this season. It is worth remembering that Flamengo is also in contention for the top of the Brasileirão table, and currently appears in 4th place with 39 points.

In the last round of the Brasileirão, the two teams even faced each other at the Nílton Santos Stadium. For the first time in this Brazilian Championship, Botafogo were defeated at home, thus losing their 100% success as home team within the competition. Due to the existing rivalry between the teams, and the opinion of Glorioso fans, who consider Mengão one of the most helped by referees, and the press, the information that Perri had failed to train the Brazilian team was the trigger for a flood of criticism on social media.

Internet users link false information to monetization intentions

One of the techniques most used by most news and gossip portals on the internet are the famous “click baits”, which are nothing more than language tools created by content producers that induce internet users to click on a news item or post via its sensationalist construction. A call with strong information, or a possible statement from an important personality, induces a large mass of Internet users to click on a link, and thus generate access and money to websites and pages.

For many internet users who commented on the post involving Perri, one of the reasons why they associated the goalkeeper with the failure in training was the intention of generating clicks and likes on the post, as the archer has been one of the highlights of the season with miraculous saves, and a lot of security in Botafogo’s goal.

What will be the Brazilian team’s next commitment in 2023?

Brazil debuts this Friday (8) in the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, against Bolivia, at 9:45 pm (Brasília time). The game takes place at the Mangueirão Stadium, in Belém, capital of the state of Pará. Then, on Tuesday (12), Canarinho will face the Peru team, away from home, at the traditional National Stadium of Lima for the 2nd round of the competition.

The six best placed will go to the next World Cup, which will take place in three countries (United States, Mexico and Canada), directly. The 7th placed team at the end of the Qualifiers will compete in the repechage. Therefore, there is a possibility that 70% of the teams competing in the tournament will be present in the next World Cup, which for the first time will have 48 countries competing, an increase of 16 more teams, compared to the last six editions.

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